Give the Gift of Hope to Someone in Need

We All Know Someone Who is Looking for HOPE
Have you or someone you love been recently diagnosed with cancer or another illness? Are you looking for a way to bring hope and encouragement to someone this holiday season?

Consider giving the Gift of Hope! When you donate $100.00 USD, HealingStrong will gift you or your loved one the following:

  • Chris Wark’s SquareOne Healing Cancer Coaching Program, complete box set (includes all 10 modules on DVD, 1 guidebook, and 1 transcript book)
  • 3 HealingStrong ebooks with testimonies, recipes, devotions and lessons to address every area of healing: Created to Heal Strong written by Suzy Griswold, 30-Day Healthy Living Guide by Kathy Everett, and The HealingStrong Participant Guide by Cortney Campbell.
  • Beautifully designed and printed affirmation cards and Scripture cards
    Personalized welcome card connecting you to a local or online HealingStrong group
  • Access to over 20 hours worth of LIVE Healing Journey Jumpstart lessons, hosted by our HealingStrong Group Leaders (includes lessons on fasting, healing on a budget, juicing demonstrations, food-demos of our favorite recipes, emotional healing, supplementation, complementary therapies, tracking your progress, and so much more).
  • A HealingStrong magnet
    * Valued at over 500.00 USD!




This is truly a special gift for someone who has been recently diagnosed. The holidays can be a tough time for so many, and adding on a diagnoses can feel so grim and overwhelming. Because of this, we wanted to create a way for people to gift resources that are laced with the Hope of the Gospel – our TRUE Savior and Healer.

Below is a special message inviting you to Give the Gift of Hope today to someone who really needs it this holiday season – maybe that person is even you!



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