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HealingStrong Zoom Meetings

HealingStrong Prayer and Bible Study Zoom Group Every Monday at 9AM EST

Join today on the Bible App:
Matthew Study
Mark Study
Luke Study
John Study

Register HERE
Meeting ID: 457-916-001

If you have a prayer request, please send it to:

Group Location: Tucson, AZ
Group Leader: Kay Blackburn
Meeting Tuesdays from 9AM-11AM Arizona time. Join Us:
Meeting ID: 342 535 8750
Passcode: Healed

Group Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Group Leader: Junior Roman
Facebook Page:
Monthly Zoom online groups, please email us for more details.

Group Location: Westlake Village, Los Angeles, CA
Group Leader: Mary
Meeting via Zoom on the last Sunday of the month at 4 pm Pacific Standard Time.
Meeting ID: 868 6288 8348 Passcode: 582431

Group Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Group Leader: Michelle Mahre
Facebook Page:
Meets via Zoom contact for more details.

Group Location: Boynton Beach, FL
Group Leaders: Herm Matos and Phyllis Lomitola
Meeting via zoom contact the group leader for more information

Group Location: Greater Atlanta, GA
Group Leader:Cheryl Endrenyi
Facebook Page:
Meeting Saturdays from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Orientation/Intro.
*will be meeting by ZOOM every 2 weeks, same time and day.

Group Location: Atlanta, GA
Group Leader: Jennifer Little
Family Strong empowered by HealingStrong Online group for young families to explore important decisions facing young parents in light of vxcine rules and regulations, and ways to support a healthy and thriving family 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30 PM
Register here:

Group Location: Chattahoochee Hills, GA
Group Leader: Mary Kelley
We’re on Zoom most last Sundays of the month. 4 PM Pacific; 7 PM EST. Please email to get on my email list so I can include you in our monthly announcement.

Group Location: East Cobb, Marietta, GA
Group Leader: Monica Tempel
Facebook Page:
Meeting via Zoom. Please contact Monica at

Group Location: Warrensburg, MO
Group Leader: Janet Everhart
Facebook Page:
Currently meeting virtually via Zoom the 1st Thursday of each month. Contact Janet for more info.

Group Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Group Leader: Sherrie Calvano
Meets by Zoom each month

Group Location: Summerfield, NC
Group Leader: Sharon Neely
Starting August 13, will meet via Zoom. Contact group leader for more info

Group Location: North Canton, OH
Group Leader: Karen McKeighen
Currently meeting via Zoom. Contact the group leader for more information.

Group Location: Greensburg, PA
Group Leader: Viola Marshall
Zoom Meeting scheduled on November 16th 7pm. Contact the group leader for more information.

Group Location: Houston, TX
Group Leaders: Mary Ryder, Angelica Roa, Corinne Pieper
Facebook Page:
Meets via zoom each month. Email: for more information.

Group Location: Round Rock TX
Group Leader: Patricia Espinoza
Meets by Zoom each month, along in the Leader’s home Reach out to group leader for more information:

Group Location: Falls Church, VA
Group Leader: Ivy Valenzuela-Yu
Currently meets via Zoom, Spanish speaking group. Contact the group leader for more information.

Group Location: Yorktown, VA
Group Leader: Brook Thronton
Meeting on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 on a Zoom call. Please contact Brook for the Zoom links and schedule.

Group Location: Mukilteo, WA
Group Leaders: Keith and Judy Hook
Meets by Zoom each month. Reach out to group leader for more details:

Group Location: Takoma, WA
Group Leader: Arlene Thomas
Meets by Zoom each month. Email group leader for more details.

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