Are you wondering if there are people out there who are living with advanced disease, many who have dealt with depression, hopelessness, and through their own experiences, they have found who hope, joy and peace in their healing?

Don't miss this amazing Podcast from those who have walked it out with courage and hope - you may have even heard some of these on the radio!

You are invited to listen to incredible stories of people thriving who share faith in God and believe they can be healed, no matter the diagnosis. Led by our very own HealingStrong Group Leader, Jim Mann, these podcasts focus on stories from people who have been in the trenches of loss, hopelessness and despair and come out on top. You don't want to miss these amazing guests interviews each week.

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Jim Mann

Born in Baltimore Maryland, Jim was raised in a large family of aunts and uncles and a ton of cousins. They all lived near each other and attended the same church where they took over the music department as well as deacons, ushers, Sunday school teachers, youth pastor and whatever else they needed. In ’81 Jim left to attend Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, where he studied music and played bass in several groups during his college years. After college, he met his wife, Tracy, started working at WCIE FM and continued to play bass at the 10,000 seat church. Jim currently lives in Anderson, South Carolina with his wife and two kids while the two older ones live in Reno, NV and Nashville, TN. After 30 years, Jim left radio to work on his voice-over business called Mann Made Productions as well as help with the business side of his wife’s After School Care. Currently, Jim co-hosts a podcast called My Pleasure: The Unofficial Chick-fil-A Podcast with Alison Storm, a former radio coworker.

Now Jim has the privilege of hosting the Healing Strong podcast called, I Am Healing Strong. Jim with his Stage IV Melanoma journey brings stories of those who are thriving in this life that brings so many curveballs along the way.

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