HealingStrong Group Leaders are part of an incredible network of individuals who connect through community with a shared desire to educate, equip and empower others to heal and stay strong. We offer an easy-to-lead format that provides video-based curriculum, and lesson plans that cover topics related to: rebuilding the body using nutritional support, detoxification, and supplementation, renewing the soul through emotional healing lessons and partnerships with organizations that help lead our community through healing exercises and offer support tools, and spiritual renewal through the Word of God.

When you decide to become a HealingStrong Group Leader, we will support you every step of the way. What sets Healing Strong apart is its commitment to providing comprehensive support for group leaders. Each leader is paired with a volunteer mentor who has led a HealingStrong group for several years, and offers guidance and resources. Additionally, group leaders receive ongoing training and support through monthly Zoom calls and access to an online portal filled with webinars, ebooks, videos, lesson plans, and leader guides. Group Leaders share speakers, combine meetings, and encourage one another. Emotional and spiritual support for the group leaders is prioritized by HealingStrong and available to each leader is a trained and professional chaplain.

Curriculum and Resources



Easy-to-Lead Format

“HealingStrong makes it easy to facilitate a group, especially since I didn’t believe I was teaching material.” – Judy, HealingStrong Group Leader

Please review the following before registering to serve as a group leader.

A HealingStrong Group is a local, independent group consisting of two or more people and led by a volunteer leader to help educate and support those who desire to heal and stay strong using evidence-based natural strategies.

A HealingStrong Group follows a 12-month curriculum that will introduce lessons about evidence-based diet, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, non-toxic protocols and adjunct therapies. Each meeting includes engaging activities, a prepared 30-45 minute lesson that covers evidence-based research, participant discussion questions, affirmations and prayer cards that are biblically based, recipe cards and resources on body and soul healing. Group leaders also receive mentoring, ongoing continuing educational presentations, and an opportunity to network and connect with others who share our vision and mission.

HealingStrong provides the local participants opportunities to download the Participant Guide (an e-book that accompanies the curriculum.) All meetings are freely offered and no goods or services are ever sold at the meetings.

Download the HealingStrong Participant Guide: HERE

The fee to become a HealingStrong Group Leader is: $47 one-time registration fee + $5 a month.

Please note that if the fee is cost prohibitive, we don’t want it to stop you from serving as a Group Leader. You can email us at groups@healingstrong.org for opportunities for scholarships. If you would be interested in donating to support a Group Leader Scholarship, please consider a donation today.


Sign up to become a HealingStrong Group Leader, or contact us if you have any questions. We can't wait to meet you!

What do HealingStrong Groups Teach?

HealingStrong provides group leaders with a faith-based curriculum and resource guide that covers topics on diet, detoxification, supplementation, exercise, sleep, emotional healing, environmental toxicity, and much more. On occasion, outside speakers will participate in these meetings and provide greater insight and value to a particular topic or health subject matter. The groups are designed to help others to connect with those who have a desire to learn more about a holistic pathway to healing.

How are HealingStrong meetings conducted?

Face-to-face or online meetings with a group of 2 more. All curriculum and materials are provided to Group Leaders by HealingStrong and meetings last about an hour and a half and are held as often as you like. We recommend at least monthly.

Is there a certain number of attendees expected at meetings?

No. A group is considered to be 2 or more people. The range of our group size is 2 to 35, with an average meeting running about 8-10 per meeting.

What if there is another group in my town, can I start a new group?

Yes. We welcome multiple groups in the same city. We also encourage our group leaders to connect with other group leaders in their area.

Where are our Group meetings held?

In a variety of places: churches, community centers, libraries, corporate conference rooms, juice bars, wellness centers, doctors’ offices, and on occasion, a private residence. Groups also meet online.

Before moving on with the registration process, plese confirm that you have reviewed and accepted the Core Values of HealingStrong. You may also download the Core Values for your records.

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