Your support in funding HealingStrong’s global reach, has made us the NUMBER 1, holistic, faith-based support group organization in the world.

For an incredible decade, HealingStrong has been a beacon of support and healing, reaching out to those who are facing the challenges of cancer, chronic illness, or emotional hurdles. With a global presence in 46 states and 10 countries, we have nurtured over 500 HealingStrong groups, touching the lives of countless individuals who desire to live a transformative life that embodies rebuilding the body, renewing the soul, and refreshing the spirit in God’s Word.


Because of your generosity, thousands of people each month know that there is a place that they can come to that offers hope, no matter the prognosis. We believe that together, we can heal stronger, and your help makes all the difference.

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A Lasting Impact

Our aim is to help individuals thrive in their day-to-day choices, and not just survive.

We stand with others and teach:

– with God’s help and guidance, all things are possible.

– you are not a powerless victim of disease.

– healing is possible no matter the prognosis.

– your diet and lifestyle choices can have a dramatic impact on survival.

– a support community is invaluable in the healing process.

– and your life after cancer can be even better than it was before.

We have supported 1,000,000 individuals in 10 years. Help us to expand our reach and continue to impact people for God’s glory and His good purposes.

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1862 Auburn Rd, Ste 118-I
Dacula, GA 30019

FED TAX ID: 46-1953053


With each of these suggestions, you are well advised to contact the professionals who have assisted you in the past. There is wisdom in having many counselors. None of these changes are difficult, but they can make a lifetime of difference in supporting God’s Kingdom after you are gone.

If you would like to speak with a Board Member, or our Founder about your interest in giving, or supporting HealingStrong in this manner, please email:, or call 706-974-0047.

There are simple changes you can make to your estate plan, with the assistance of your own attorney, which could benefit HealingStrong long after you have gone home to be with the Lord. Here are a few ideas.


In your Last Will & Testament, you can include a simple bequest in favor of HealingStrong. For example:

  • I leave to HealingStrong, 1862 Auburn Rd, Ste 118-I, Dacula, GA 30019, the amount of XX dollars.
  • I leave to HealingStrong, 1862 Auburn Rd, Ste 118-I, Dacula, GA 30019, XX percent of the residue of my estate.


Your attorney can assist you with the appropriate language.

You can contact your insurance company and tell them you wish to update the beneficiary of your policy. This may seem awkward at first, but your insurance company fields these calls every day. This is not a change to your Last Will & Testament, only to your life insurance policy.

Your life insurance policy may have more than one beneficiary. If you wish to have your loved ones be the main beneficiaries of the policy, you can still do so. Simply designate a percentage or a dollar amount. Your life insurance company will be able to assist you.

If you have investments, you likely are able to choose a beneficiary – someone who will inherit that investment upon your demise. This is similar to life insurance in as much as it does not require a change to your Last Will & Testament. You simply contact your financial advisor and ask them to assist you with adding HealingStrong as a beneficiary of all or a part of the investments that you own.

Gifts of appreciated stock and securities are a cost-effective and tax-friendly way to support our mission that impacts the lives of countless cancer thrivers around the world.
Maximize your impact
When you gift stocks and other securities directly to HEalingStrong, you are making an impact without taking money directly out of your bank account.  Plus, neither you nor HealingStrong will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate.
Meet your giving goals, enjoy potential tax benefits, and contribute to the change you want to see. 
To request financial information for gifting stock please email and we will instruct you with the correct information and gather the information we need to send you a tax acknowledgement letter.  Once you send your information, we will provide you with our account number and DTC# of our investment account.
Our Board Treasurer is Christine Holcomb and she can be reached at, or call: 706-974-0047 and we are happy to assist you.


Make donations to HealingStrong on the Venmo App: @healingstrong

If making a donation through Venmo and you would like a receipt, please email our bookkeeper at

HealingStrong is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases through strategies that help to rebuild the body, renew the soul and refresh the spirit.

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