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2023 Conference & 10-Year Celebration

houston, we have a solution

September 29th & 30th, 2023

Houston, Texas

Thank you all for your support! We have reached capacity for this event.

If you would be interested in purchasing the recorded sessions, input your name and email below to receive an invitation when they are available!

HealingStrong empowers vibrant and loving volunteer-led peer-to-peer community groups where participants are inspired, motivated and equipped with vital information to take action for their health, and never give up. 

With God, there is always hope.  

HealingStrong Groups are  always free and each community group (whether online or in-person) focuses on  three pillars of healing: rebuilding the body, renewing the soul and refreshing the spirit through God’s Word.

We reach those who are hurting.

Whether it be cancer, chronic illness, or emotional hurdles that come with life, we believe there is HOPE in community

Are you ready to connect with others on a healing journey? Find a group today, or start one in your hometown!

HealingStrong is a place of Hope and Peace; a resource for help and inspiration; a community of kindness and encouragement; a light when you need it most"
- Charyle G

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Submit your request for our HealingStrong Prayer team to pray upon. Please check our Group Directory to connect to a local or online HealingStrong group.

Introduce a friend or family member to HealingStrong and start the journey of healing body, soul and spirit together. Healing is always easier when done in community.

Please share the name and email address of the person that you’d like to invite, and we’ll do the rest.