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Today, isolation, desperation, uncertainty and fear are plaguing our nation and now more than ever, we need community, education, and most important, hope. HealingStrong’s  mission is to help others on their healing journeys by empowering local and online HealingStrong groups by offering an authentic place with others who come together and share strategies that are proven to support healing, and growing together in our faith in the one true God. Our groups are always free, and the services we offer are deep and provide ample opportunity to empower people to address three pillars of healing: rebuilding the body, renewing the soul and refreshing the spirit through God’s Word.

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This website offers resources and tools to help you find the connection and education to help you heal.

We Heal Best in Community

We support a network of online and in-person groups that meet all around the world. Find one today in your community, or join one online.

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All are invited to listen to incredible stories of people who are thriving, no matter the diagnosis.

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Faith over Fear Presentation by Suzy Griswold

Information, Hope and Practical Tools in a COVID world [100+ slides]

A special presentation offered through research and information gathered to address several questions the HealingStrong community has had about the C0V1D issues we are faced with today including the journey of our founder’s family who are standing on faith from God’s Word and rejecting fear.

Do you know of a loved one or friend who has been diagnosed with Cancer?

HealingStrong is grateful to be able to offer you the Gift of HOPE

The Gift of HOPE (HealingStrong Offers People Encouragement) is an amazing opportunity to help your loved one newly diagnosed through introducing them to tools and to the mission of HealingStrong.

HealingStrong is a place of Hope and Peace; a resource for help and inspiration; a community of kindness and encouragement; a light when you need it most"
- Charyle G

No one should have to heal alone.

Together we can find strength through faith, education and connection with others.

Submit your request for our HealingStrong Prayer team to pray upon. Please check our Group Directory to connect to a local or online HealingStrong group.

Introduce a friend or family member to HealingStrong and start the journey of healing body, soul and spirit together. Healing is always easier when done in community.

Please share the name and email address of the person that you’d like to invite, and we’ll do the rest.