Welcome to your healing journey. We are here to offer you life-giving resources and support every step of the way. Over the years, we have worked together to find the best information and resources that will help anyone who is on a path toward healing and in need of hope and truth.

These videos accompany the HealingStrong curriculum that is offered through our local and online HealingStrong support groups.

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Lesson 1: Overview of HealingStrong
Lesson 2: Taking Charge of Our Health
Lesson 3: Cancer Basics and First Steps Toward Healing
Lesson 4: Helpful Supplements and what NOT to eat during healing
Lesson 5: Seven Steps for Choosing a Non-Toxic Cancer Protocol
Lesson 6: Healing Protocols and Adjunct Therapies
Lesson 7: Basics on Toxins and Why We Need to Detox to Heal
Lesson 8: Strategies to Detox
Lesson 9: Emotional Healing
Lesson 10: Exercise
Lesson 11: Dental Toxins and their impact to your Health
Lesson 12: Sleep, Meditation and Breathing

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