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HealingStrong Groups are volunteer-led community groups to help educate, encourage and support people who are healing from cancer and other chronic diseases, or those who just want to live a vibrant, healthy life.

HealingStrong offers hope, a place where people can find others who believe like them, are like-minded and want to live each other up. Listen to this video with other thrivers who know first hand what it means to be part of HealingStrong.

Who leads HealingStrong Groups?

HealingStrong Groups are led by people just like you who are passionate and committed to our mission and vision and want to connect with others on a healing journey. Most volunteers fall into one of these three categories: cancer thriver, caregiver, practitioner, or prevention focused. 

Do Groups meet in person or online?

You can find HealingStrong groups in our  Group Directory. To find out more information about a group, please contact the Group Leader. If you have trouble connecting with group or a Group Leader, please  contact us.

What do HealingStrong Groups teach?

HealingStrong provides group leaders with a faith-based curriculum and resource guide that covers topics on diet, detoxification, supplementation, exercise, sleep, emotional healing, environmental toxicity, and much more. On occasion, outside speakers will participate in these meetings and provide greater insight and value to a particular topic or health subject matter. The groups are designed to help others to connect with those who have a desire to learn more about a holistic pathway to healing body and soul.

Who attends HealingStrong Groups?

Our meetings are attended by those who want to prevent disease and those who are actively healing from disease.  We also have practitioners and those who desire to support the group who attend meetings.

What can I expect when I attend a Group?

Groups are designed to connect folks with others interested in learning or sharing about natural, holistic strategies. All groups have a HealingStrong structure adhere to a framework in terms of a curriculum topic, such as lessons on diet, detoxification, supplementation, emotional healing, dental toxicity, understanding the basics of cancer, healing protocols and adjunct therapies.

Where are are Group meetings held?

In a variety of places: churches, community centers, libraries, corporate conference rooms, juice bars, wellness centers, doctors’ offices, and on occasion, a private residence. Groups are now also meeting online.

We are so grateful for the faithful supporters of HealingStrong. Check out a recent interview that Chris Wark did with our founder, Suzy Griswold. In this interview Suzy shares her survival story and the mission and impact of HealingStrong.

Chris Wark, Suzy Griswold, survivor and founder of HealingStrong cancer support groups

Find community by connecting with others online or in your local area

HealingStrong Groups

Connect with others in an online or in-person community setting who are learning to find hope and healing with HealingStrong.

HealingStrong @Home

An opportunity for a more hands-on and experiential learning experience for participants in a relaxed environment.

HEAL Bible Study

Draw closer to God and find peace, comfort, and insight that lead you down the path to true healing with HealingStrong devotionals.


HealingStrong Groups are led by volunteers.  Once you register, we will provide you with training, mentoring and turn-key curriculum and materials to help you to get started.


An essential guide for all HealingStrong participants!

A HealingStrong Resource with over 150+ pages of lessons on diet, supplementation, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, easy to make recipes and Biblically-based affirmation cards, with research links links to helpful resources. This accompanies our group curriculum.

The HealingStrong Participant Guide is made available to you as a free download below. If you prefer a hardcopy, it is available for purchase on Amazon.

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