Christine’s Story : Breast Cancer

I had felt the lump for two years. The mammograms were clear- even my OB thought the lump was nothing.  We finally saw it with the ultrasound. Finding out the results of my biopsy hit me with titanic force. SO began my journey. I thought I was a healthy person. I come from a big Italian family with a […]

Billy’s Story: A Father’s Journey

In March 2010, my daughter Elise, age 24, was diagnosed with cancer. This shocking revelation began a journey filled with questions, tears, and incredible courage. The weeks following would become a blur of doctor appointments, radiation therapies, biopsies, and several rounds of chemotherapy. As the severity of the disease became more apparent, a feeling of […]

Cortney’s Story: Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

In the Fall of 2004 I found a lump in my neck. Knowing that my mom’s twin sister had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma as a teenager, I was concerned. It was examined, MRI’d and then I was given the option for a biopsy. I was just out of college and was very intimidated by the cost of […]

Joan’s Story: Breast Cancer

My name is Joan Hatrak. I have been a breast cancer survivor for 11 years now. (Thank God!) My diagnosis was “Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma,” stage 2, and to my benefit, it was slow growing. I had a lumpectomy only, no chemo or radiation. Please understand, this was my choice. I wish I could say “if […]

Suzy’s Story: Thyroid Cancer

My healing strong journey began in 2009 when a diagnosis of cancer stopped me in my tracks. Heading to surgery for a different health issue, the diagnosis of cancer that same month took me by surprise. At that time, I trusted my medical care to multiple doctors and subsequently many prescription drugs for various health […]

Ann’s Story: Pancreatic Cancer

Twelve years ago, December 5, 2000, a tumor mass of 3.2 cm was found in my pancreas by accident during a cat scan of my lungs and colon. I didn’t even know where my pancreas was located. I was surprised and shocked especially since this was all as a result of a routine check-up. After […]

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