Suzy’s Story: Thyroid Cancer

My healing strong journey began in 2009 when a diagnosis of cancer stopped me in my tracks. Heading to surgery for a different health issue, the diagnosis of cancer that same month took me by surprise. At that time, I trusted my medical care to multiple doctors and subsequently many prescription drugs for various health issues: insomnia, neck tremors, thyroid disease, fibroid tumors, and now this –

I really felt like I had been run over by a freight train, asking “Why Me?” “Why Now?”

Cancer in the thyroid gland was supposed to be a piece of cake. I was told many times by my healthcare providers that if you are going to get cancer, thyroid cancer is the cancer to get. After surgery and radiation, my next scan showed 3 glands “lit up”. Discussions like: radical neck dissection, plucking the lymph nodes “one by one”, combination chemotherapy, more radiation – all possibilities in my future. The doctors seemed o.k. with that —

A second and third opinion – wanted to be certain.

Over the next several months, my whole body scan, Pet Scan and sonogram all confirmed that my lymph nodes in my neck were suspect of cancer. I was severely anemic. Off to another specialist, more invasive tests. I would visit my oncologist for the iron infusions, looking around at the faces of my fellow “cancer patients” – only their “infusions” were chemotherapy. With the help of a dear friend who sponsored our costs, along with a scholarship from a local organization (Soccer for a Cure), we took a trip to a famous cancer clinic in Houston for another opinion. They confirmed the cancer was still very active and further treatments were recommended.

The faces around me were all too familiar to me, and I knew it was time to get serious about my cancer.

I experienced cancer from the time I was a young child (when cancer was almost unheard of in my then small town of Brookshire, Texas). I knew the gravity of the disease and the ugliness of treatment. Cancer in our family has always led to mortality (my mother, my aunts, my uncles, my first cousins, my grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother) suffering immense bouts of chemotherapy, radiation and extensive surgeries. 10 out of my 12 family members died of cancer. That was not going to be me… so began my journey of discovery.

Mentally, I prepared. Physically, I committed. Spiritually, I trusted.

I poured hundreds of hours of research into my healing strong journey. It all began with a book that a friend sent to me, Knockout. It opened my eyes to learn more. The more I learned, the more I was convinced that cancer is not what it seems, and our bodies can heal. Today, I am living healthier and stronger then I have been in many years. My latest whole body scan was all clear. I chose a radical change to my diet, focusing on plant based vegan diet, with juicing fresh vegetables and fruits (primarily carrots and green apples, and mixed greens such as kale) throughout the day (at least 8-10 glasses a day), as well as a daily detoxing as my primary route to healing. Everyday, I listened to scriptures on CD of healing messages, and my family and employer supported the time I needed to focus on my healing. Their support was critical as I chose a journey to healing that wasn’t mainstream. It was very different. It was better. I am so thankful to God for guiding me each step.

My hope is that you will take time. Remember, our cancer didn’t just show up, it took years. Take the time you need to learn more and make an informed decision. Read the books, watch the DVD’s and research for yourself. Your journey to healing can be the best days of your life ahead.

Books or Resources that Most Inspired my Healing Strong Journey:
Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger
Healing the Gerson Way by Charlotte Gerson
One Answer to Cancer, Dr. William Donald Kelley, D.D.S. M.S.
Knockout by Suzanne Somers
My Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm
Cancer Therapy: Result of 50 Cases by Max Gerson
Burzynski Breathrough by Thomas Elias
Acid Alkaline Food Guide by Susan E. Brown
Same Kind of Different As Me, Ron Hall and Denver Moore
Heaven’s Health Food (CD) by Dr. Larry Hutton
Forks Over Knives (DVD)
The Beautiful Truth (DVD)
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (DVD)

Favorite Quote:
Our limitations are God’s opportunity.


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