Dennis and Loretta’s Testimony

A TESTIMONY OF COURAGE, THANKSGIVING, and HOPE Written by Dennis Andrews 11/15/16 Living with cancer is a daily and sometimes a minute by minute episodic experience. Our (my wife and I) cancer story starts in 2007 with a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Cancer is a difficult word to hear as it opens the mind to […]

Testimonial Tuesdays with Team Members: Mary and Brook and a Financial Update

Dear HealingStrong family! Wherever I go to represent HealingStrong, I have people come up to me and tell me that everyone they meet through HealingStrong is different, and I often hear the word “special”. They talk about their loving kindness, support and servant hearts. If they have attended a group, they tell me how different […]

Meet Bailey: Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma

Dear HealingStrong Family, I love Testimony Tuesdays. I have a wonderful lady to introduce you to today. Many of you may recognize Bailey. She has been featured on the Truth About Cancer series, served as a mentor for Chris Beat Cancer’s Square One program, and has also presented her testimony at our HealingStrong Live Event. […]

Testimony Tuesday with MUCH MORE!

Dear HealingStrong family! Did you know that the ancient Hebrew meaning of the word Testimony means “To do it again!” We share testimonies because we believe healing testimonials are one of the most powerful messages of hope. This week, I want to provide an opportunity for you to hear several testimonials that feature our friend […]

Testimony Tuesday: A Father’s Legacy of Love

Dear HealingStrong family! This week, I have lots of great information to share, along with some incredible opportunities that we offer our membership, and invite you to join us. Before I tell you about that, here is someone so special to me and the organization of HealingStrong.  Many of you might remember him sharing his […]

Testimony Tuesday: Meet My Friend Cheryl Collins

Dear HealingStrong family, I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, celebrating family and friends, and remembering today, those who lost their lives for our freedom!  That is a sacrifice we should never forget. This week, I want to introduce you to a woman that I absolutely adore.  Before I do, don’t forget this […]

Testimony Tuesday: Uterine and Cervical Cancer Thriver

Dear HealingStrong family, This week for testimony Tuesday, I wanted to introduce you to one of our Group Leaders, Maureen.  She is a retired nurse and is very well aware of cancer treatments and choices.  When she was diagnosed with cancer, she made radical decisions that were not inline with the mainstream conventional medicine recommendations […]

Testimony Tuesday: Stage 4 Cancer Thriver, Beating the Odds

Dear HealingStrong family, I have a special testimony this week I wanted to share with all of you.  She has overcome breast cancer, and today serves her community as a HealingStrong Group Leader in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Carol is healing and staying strong, and like all of our volunteer group leaders, their desire is for you […]

Testimony Tuesday: Meet Connie, a HealingStrong Group Leader

Dear HealingStrong family, Stress is as at all time high for people. Social isolation can breed fear and loneliness. It is a precursor to emotional instability and we know the power of our mind. HealingStrong wants everyone to know that they can heal. There is always hope. And, they are NEVER alone. Do you believe […]

Christine’s Story : Breast Cancer

I had felt the lump for two years. The mammograms were clear- even my OB thought the lump was nothing.  We finally saw it with the ultrasound. Finding out the results of my biopsy hit me with titanic force. SO began my journey. I thought I was a healthy person. I come from a big Italian family with a […]

In Hermʻs Own Words

READ IN HERM’S OWN WORDS, including a short video of Herm discussing a few important things he does to heal and stay strong, including ongoing TESTING! Greetings Fellow Healing Strong Thrivers! My name is Herm (AKA Tom Thumb),  turning 68-years old this month, a retired 35-years educator/teacher, married, no children and we live in South […]

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