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I love Testimony Tuesdays. I have a wonderful lady to introduce you to today. Many of you may recognize Bailey. She has been featured on the Truth About Cancer series, served as a mentor for Chris Beat Cancer’s Square One program, and has also presented her testimony at our HealingStrong Live Event.

She was in college when melanoma altered her plans. She lost part of her ear and was given a bleak stage 4 diagnosis. Bailey’s journey to healing took some twists and turns, and almost 10 years later, she is helping other cancer patients with nutritional protocols and support.

I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of getting to know Bailey. She is so caring, is one of the greatest prayer warriors, and desires to shine our Lord so bright….and, she does! Meet my very dear friend, Bailey O’Brien.

Much love,

Bailey shared her testimony at the 2018 HealingStrong Live event. Below is a snippet from Chris Wark interviewing Bailey at the conference. Bailey healed Stage 4 Melanoma with holistic treatments after conventional treatments failed.

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Bailey sharing her testimony at the
2018 HealingStrong Live Conference.
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