Testimony Tuesday: Stage 4 Cancer Thriver, Beating the Odds

Dear HealingStrong family,

I have a special testimony this week I wanted to share with all of you.  She has overcome breast cancer, and today serves her community as a HealingStrong Group Leader in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Carol is healing and staying strong, and like all of our volunteer group leaders, their desire is for you to know that YOU can, too!  THAT’S WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO….

No matter what your diagnosis, or health challenge, there is always HOPE.

Join our community of thrivers whose mission is to help spread the gift of HOPE…one group at a time.

To find a HealingStrong Group in YOUR community, please search our group directory.


Find your Group TODAY!

LOCAL GROUP MEETINGS: Check the Directory for your local group leaders and make a connection via email. Some groups are offering live online calls until they can join together again. If you find your group is not meeting in person, consider this an invitation to join us every Monday morning online for prayer and encouragement with our HEAL team. Or, start your own! 🙂

LIVE MEMBERSHIP CALL:  Monday May 18th (This is a LIVE healing education webinar for group leaders and HealingStrong Members.)  Dr. Patrick Vickers, Northern Baja Gerson Center is the Director and Founder of the Northern Baja Gerson Center in Rosarito, Mexico, specializing in the natural treatment of cancer and advanced disease using an Advanced Gerson Therapy. Join HealingStrong Membership Today and gain access to incredible webinar opportunities, live with experts, along with discounts to clinics, supplements and personal care products for home and self.


MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP DRAWING — Dr. Patrick Quillin is giving our membership an opportunity to win an afternoon with at his home with a personal garden tour and lunch.   Join our membership today for your chance to win.  Memberships support our mission.


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