Testimony Tuesday: Uterine and Cervical Cancer Thriver

Dear HealingStrong family,

This week for testimony Tuesday, I wanted to introduce you to one of our Group Leaders, Maureen.  She is a retired nurse and is very well aware of cancer treatments and choices.  When she was diagnosed with cancer, she made radical decisions that were not inline with the mainstream conventional medicine recommendations from her oncologist.  Today, she is living a holistic lifestyle, educating herself and her community about options that make a difference and impact overall wellness by leading a local HealingStrong Group in Elkhart, Indiana.

Find Maureen and other Group Leader Listings here.


  Check the Map for your local group leaders and make a connection via email.  These groups teach holistic methods to heal and stay strong.  Some groups are now meeting in person in many states, and others are offering live online calls.   If you find your group is not meeting in person, consider this: start your own HealingStrong Group! 🙂

Have you considered joining our team as a volunteer group leader?  We have all of the curriculum, resources, training, commradery, marketing materials and so much more to help you share hope and healing with others.  If you would like to speak with one of our volunteer regional group leader mentors, please email us here.

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Membership Benefits:  Monthly drawings and giveaways, along with discounts and educational materials and books.  Your membership is tax deductible and supports the mission of HealingStrong.

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