Testimony Tuesday with MUCH MORE!

Dear HealingStrong family!

Did you know that the ancient Hebrew meaning of the word Testimony means “To do it again!” We share testimonies because we believe healing testimonials are one of the most powerful messages of hope. This week, I want to provide an opportunity for you to hear several testimonials that feature our friend and HealingStrong mentor, Chris Wark.

Chris Wark is a stage 3 colon cancer thriver who chose to walk away from the recommended chemotherapy and pursue a holistic, plant-based lifestyle that centered around his faith in God and scientific facts that he discovered through his own research.  If you haven’t seen his appearance with Pat Robertson on the 700 Clubplease watch it here!

Are you feeling anxious about your diagnosis, your family member or friend’s diagnosis?  Need some healing hope?  Don’t miss the opportunity to share this email with stories of hope and encouragement for your loved ones.


This Sunday, June 14th at 6:00 PM, our HealingStrong members have been invited to join a special online presentation by the Houston HealingStrong Group for a LIVE webinar with Chris Wark.  Join our membership today!  Support HealingStrong and receive incredible benefits.

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Our donor members are all entered into a monthly drawing for incredible opportunities. This month, they will have the opportunity to participate in a Dr. Max Gerson Inspired Week of Healing! Prizes are transferable!


Statewide restrictions have some groups meeting online.

Check for local group listings!

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Best Selling Author,
Dr. Bernie Siegel, M.D.

Special invitation: Join our members for upcoming special presentation later this month by Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD. Dr. Siegel is an American writer and retired pediatric surgeon, who writes on the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is known for his best-selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles.

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Finally, this week I have been spending a lot of time in scriptures that help with anxiety.  These are very trying times in our country and we know that the state of our health is directly tied to the state of our mind. Please let us know how you are doing. Our group leaders and volunteers have you in mind when we setting their hands to the plow to serve and support the public with healing truths that impact body, soul and spirit.  You can’t address one without the other.

Here is a wonderful resource to help you rest your mind and focus on God’s Word.

We are in this together.  You are not alone!

HealingStrong has been serving the public since 2013 and has plans next year that will reach even deeper into communities to help individuals find true hope and healing. We hope you will join our mission today!


Suzy Griswold


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