Do you know of a loved one or friend who has been diagnosed with Cancer?

HealingStrong is offering the GIFT OF HOPE BOX ($240 value), including the Chris Wark, Square One DVD's.

The Gift of HOPE Box is an amazing opportunity to help your loved one by introducing them to tools and to the mission of HealingStrong. Together we are building a community of thrivers who embody hope, strength and support, and are well-educated about options, including holistic solutions that empower anyone to heal and stay strong.

The HealingStrong Gift of Hope Box offers a tremendous resource and value for those who need immediate support and access to life-giving answers and resources. Recipients will receive extensive healing tools, encouragement, access to survivor testimonies, teaching lessons, a community of cancer thrivers, and also have the opportunity to see what HealingStrong is all about and find connection with an amazing community on their path to healing, health and lifelong wellness.

When you donate $100 for the Gift of HOPE Box, we will send YOUR loved one a box full of these helpful resources:

Participant Guide

An essential guide for all HealingStrong participants!

A HealingStrong Resource with over 150+ pages of lessons on diet, supplementation, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, easy to make recipes and Biblically-based affirmation cards, with research links to helpful resources. This accompanies our group curriculum.


30-Day Healthy Living Guide

This is a unique jumpstart journal for health that is unlike any other you’ve ever used. It has been designed especially with your healing journey in mind. With over 120 pages, the 30-Day Healthy Living Guide includes recipe guides, devotions, and a step-by-step 30 day jumpstart guide and resources with activities to achieve an anti-cancer lifestyle.


Created to Heal Strong

‘Created to Heal Strong’ e-book examines 5 critical areas to help you to ask questions and make an informed decision on your treatment with many hope-filled stories of stage 3 and 4 cancer thrivers.

This book will take you on a journey with our founder, Suzy Griswold and other Cancer Thrivers who have overcome breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphoma, and more.  

Have you ever wanted to introduce someone to HealingStrong but didn't want to overwhelm them with too much information?

This is a great way for them to have tools in one box that will make an immediate impact with vital information, along with ongoing teaching from HealingStrong. We make a personal connection with every person who receives the Gift of HOPE.

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Introduce a friend or family member to HealingStrong and start the journey of healing body, soul and spirit together. Healing is always easier when done in community.

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