Why Juice

Why Juicing is SO Effective at Promoting Healing

When you juice fruits and veggies, they are broken down into an easily absorbable form that your body can use quickly. That means it doesn’t have to work as hard to get the nutrients from juice as it does from solid food. These super nutrients can go to work right away in your system to renew and heal your body.

Because it is broken down, like a pre-digested food, it spares your organs of digestion a lot of work. This equates to more energy and more time for your body to work on healing. Also, juice offers antioxidants that help your body detoxify.

We cannot emphasize this enough – No matter what type of cancer protocol you’re following, juicing will benefit your entire body as it is working to heal.

Below are 5 amazing resources to help you gain a better understanding of the HUGE impact that juicing can have on your health. *Be sure to click on each link or image.


Above, lesson by Cherie Calbom. Want access to more lessons like these? Consider becoming a group leader! Click here to learn about group leadership.

*Above, interview with Cherie and Suzy

*Above, video by group leader, cancer thriver and juice shop owner, Barbara Duck

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