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Hello from HealingStrong!
We wanted to say thank you for being such an important part of our community. It is an honor and a pleasure to our team to connect with you as you continue your search for truth and find hope in linking arms together as a community.

I wanted to share some resources with you this month that will help you connect to our HealingStrong community. Please feel free to share one or all, and send to someone you love.

Join Suzy and our HealingStrong team at the Wellness Conference in Alpharetta, GA! Look for our booth! Check out who is speaking…


Group Directory



This year, CELEBRATING 10 AMAZING YEARS OF SERVICE, we will be offering some wonderful HealingStrong merchandise so that YOU can share and wear the hope. Will you support us?


For the month of March, join our exclusive Membership Program at the Partners In Change level to support the organization and you can choose from one of 3 colors of t-shirts in your size, and we will send it directly to you! You will also receive a Square One DVD Package from our partner Chris Wark, valued at $197, and you will qualify for a Nama 2 Juicer Drawing, offered by our partner, Cherie Calbom, The Juice Lady.


All donations through this platform will support the scholarships for Group Leaders for the 2023 HealingStrong Conference and 10 Year Celebration! Any amount makes a big difference.

Connect to the HealingStrong Community
Click on each to learn more
* Listen to the I AM HealingStrong Podcast (https://healingstrong.org/podcast)
* Support HealingStrong – Join the Membership Program ⁣ (https://healingstrong.org/membership) !
* WEDNESDAY MORNING Community Prayer (https://healingstrong.org/refresh)
* Around the Word in 80 Days Daily Bible Reading (https://aroundthewordin80days.org/hs-reading)
* Join a HealingStrong Group (https://healingstrong.org/group-directory)
* Become a HealingStrong Group Leader (https://healingstrong.org/start-a-group)
* Submit a Prayer Request (https://healingstrong.org/refresh)
* Make a Donation (https://healingstrong.org/donate)


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