We Have a New Bible Study

We are all walking through a season of uncertainty right now.  New cancer diagnoses, government mandates, the on-going pandemic, etc. can make us feel hopeless.  But fear not, there is HOPE!  God is RIGHT THERE in the middle of your personal storm!  We’ve got a brand new Bible plan to encourage you to stand firm and trust God in the heat of the battle!

Our new Bible plan is called Trusting God’s Plan in the Fire: Lessons from the Book of Daniel.  This 14-day study follows the lives of Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and their friend Daniel.  Learn how these men obeyed God and left the consequences to Him, even when faced with death.  You’ll be challenged to TRUST God in the heat of the fire and watch how He’ll see you through it.  This message is timely and needed, so please share with anyone that needs encouragement right now!

Starting in January, walk through this study on our Monday Mornings prayer calls – we are excited to do it together!





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