Two-Time Follicular Lymphoma Thriver Testimony

Overcoming Cancer Fears: Emphasizing Healthy Living and Faith

Ep #71

Kathy is a testament to the incredible power of natural healing methods, having defeated follicular lymphoma twice. Her story is a testament to the importance of holistic healing, giving us a fresh perspective on emotional and physical health.⁣

As we move on, we discover other inspiring stories of those who have dared to take a different path after a cancer diagnosis. Dive into her experience with juicing, her dietary differences with her husband, and her plans to start a HealingStrong group in Florida. As a florist and counselor, she brings a unique perspective to her healing journey, and to her mission of helping others find healing solutions.⁣

Finally, let’s change our perspectives on health and aging. We discuss the importance of a healthy body and lifestyle, sharing personal stories of our loved ones who have led long and healthy lives. For those grappling with the fear of a cancer diagnosis, we offer words of strength and hope. We remind you that being part of a supportive community, like a HealingStrong group, can make all the difference. So, join us as we explore healing in all its forms and remember – trust in God, and know that He is bigger than any fear or illness.

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Kathy’s HealingStrong Group meets in Englewood, Florida!

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