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Cancer is not the end of your life but rather it is a new journey and a new beginning when we choose to see it that way. We want to encourage you that this mindset takes time. Fear is a REAL emotion and it is incredibly difficult to fight off all of the negative thoughts and emotions when facing a diagnosis. It can also be incredibly overwhelming when considering options for how to move forward. Our world is full of endless options but unfortunately, in the cancer world specifically, it can be a challenge to take the time to learn about what your choices are for healing. In addition, it can be even harder to find people who will encourage you to take your time to decide, rather than jumping into a treatment plan.

For these reasons and many more, HealingStrong was created. We desire to create a community where your voice can be heard, your questions can be asked in a safe environment, and you can empower yourself with useful education for not only healing your body but also renewing your soul and refreshing your spirit.

Below is an interview with stage 4 breast cancer thriver, Tekquiree Spencer. During her own healing journey, she learned that health + wellness isn’t just about what we eat, but also what we think, feel, and how we stand in Truth. She is the Creator and Host of Thrive Beyond Cancer Summit which is an online show that empowers women and men to thrive and live their best lives today.

Watch as she and Suzy discuss how to thrive BEYOND cancer.




HealingStrong in Utah

Last week, I had the tremendous pleasure of going to Salt Lake City to the Be Healthy Utah Conference. Can I just say, Utah is a best kept secret of the United States! We were greeted with the best smiles of our team of group leaders who joined us from all across the United States: California (Susana and Adler Romero), Utah (Colette Moser, Mya Metzel, and Christy Garner), Florida (Maike O’Rourke), Washington (Keith and Judy Hook), and Georgia (me and my husband, Jeff).

We started our trip off with the team who had spent the afternoon stuffing bags and supporting the conference team as volunteers to set up for the event. Afterwards, we took our team to the salt caves to relax and experience the beneficial ionic properties of the salt caves. The next morning, we served the vendors and speakers a fabulous array of healing foods to sample at our meet and greet (a favorite of many at the event). I spoke on Friday with all of the group leaders on hand to represent our community. The topic was about the paradigm shift of our idea of healing in order to achieve optimal health: body, soul and spirit. We closed out the event at one of our group leaders homes, Christy Garner, who did a wonderful farm to table meal, and even spent time offering a tour of her impressive gardens, beehives, and the ecosystem that she and her husband have built to sustain and enhance their homestead. A great big thank you to Dr. Shane and Liz Watts for hosting this conference, and inviting HealingStrong to be part of it. We were so honored.

More than 2,200 people came through the doors and we met some amazing people, including my good friend, Robert Scott Bell, who interviewed me live from the event (check out our Facebook page to watch the interview). Robert has offered an incredible source of news and education to the public for decades and he has agreed to join us for our 10 year HealingStrong reunion ….more to come on that!

After the event, Jeff and I took time to see the beautiful national parks, reconnect with each other, and bask in the majesty and glory of our Heavenly Father. We were so blessed to have this time, and appreciate the wonderful hospitality of our Regional Mentor and host: Colette Moser (and her husband, Randy). It is an honor and pleasure for us to serve this great HealingStrong community and come alongside folks like our group leaders we had the honor of meeting in person. There is nothing like HealingStrong together. I hope you have found your group.



This Week’s Podcast Episode

Rev. Dr. Jason Garwood and his wife Mary discuss a natural approach to healing, inspired by Mary’s battle with Lyme disease. After learning of her diagnosis in her early twenties, Mary followed a protocol advocated by cancer thriver Chris Wark, which included juicing and coffee enemas to help her body heal. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Garwood authored the book, “Health For Life,” in which he emphasizes the importance of applying biblical principles to the stewardship of our bodies. Dr. Garwood and Mary continue to encourage others that a natural treatment approach, combined with the healing power of the gospel is what ultimately leads to complete healing.



Playback Webinar: HealingStrong Rancho Cucamonga, CA with (maximum capacity in attendance), with our friend and highly sought after speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Patrick Quillin, PhD.

Other webinars are made available to our HealingStrong membership, those who support the frontline mission of HealingStrong. If you would like to donate and become a member for a small monthly donation, and receive unlimited access to webinars, videos, books, and giveaways, please go here.


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