SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Video Series goes LIVE Tonight!

It’s here again, and free.

This is to me, the most comprehensive coaching program for those facing cancer or any other illness. Most of our HealingStrong community has come to us seeking support after watching this program because it’s comprehensive, educational, doable, and group support will help see you through!



This is why….56 years of life, TODAY!

Today is my 56th birthday and I would LOVE to invite you to join me tonight in watching my favorite….ALL-TIME favorite series that helps more people to heal strong AT HOME, then anything I have personally ever seen. At home, means the step-by-step strategies taught in this program can be done at home, without the costs of other interventions, or this program can complement other strategies already in place.

And because it’s FREE to watch tonight, I am sending you a personal invitation! My husband, Jeff and I, will be watching this tonight, on my birthday as I celebrate LIFE, HEALING and GOD’S GOODNESS.

And, if you do decide to purchase the series (you don’t have to because our group leaders have their own copies and you can watch with a group)….but when you DO, part of your purchase payment GOES BACK TO HEALINGSTRONG! I own my own DVD set and so does all of my team here at HealingStrong! It’s that good! Truly, easy to follow with excellent resources for support.

And, when you do purchase your own FOR YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE, that in-turn supports HealingStrong

So, will you share the link with your friends and family and invite them online tonight to watch this LIVE SAVING series. Tonight, he talks about the importance of support groups and mentions HealingStrong!

SQUARE ONE details the exact strategies Chris used (and countless HealingStrong participants) to heal cancer including the “anti-cancer diet,” mindset, detoxing, faith, supplementation, testing, how to eliminate fear and stress, and a whole lot more.

Chris is putting the entire SQUARE ONE program (all 10 Coaching Modules) up online for you to watch free.

I encourage you to take a couple of minutes right now and check out Chris’ short video about the program right here.

While you’re there, you can get on Chris’ notification list and he’ll send you the link to watch each Module as he releases them LIVE – starting with Module 1 tomorrow night (February 21st @ 9pm Eastern).

Hope you will join me tonight. I appreciate all of you, and your ongoing support for HealingStrong. This is just one way we keep our mission up and running and groups expanding!

Just this year, 27 new groups will be starting! Check our website for more information: healingstrong.org/groups

P.S. This is a limited time free online screening, don’t miss it – reserve your spot here! And, please share this: https://sn188.isrefer.com/go/go/HealingStrong


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