Special Anniversary Celebration and Invitation!

Hello everyone!  I hope your summer has been wonderful.

This is a personal blog post alert. 🙂

Today is a special day for our family…Jeff and I are celebrating 30 Years of Marriage. We have been celebrating all week long. 🙂

What has made the most lasting difference in our marriage? Trusting God and standing on the promises and truths found in His word. Many of you who have been married know this one thing: Marriage isn’t easy.

Early on, we wanted to throw in the towel on many occasions. I’m so thankful we didn’t. Keeping Christ at the center of our relationship, we learned how to love each other unconditionally and became stronger together. It’s a good thing too, because some of the most challenging and stormy seasons of our lives would arrive unexpectedly ten years ago with my cancer diagnoses. The Bible is full of examples of how God uses brokenness as an opportunity to grow closer to Him and shine His love even brighter to others.

In my own personal example, God birthed HealingStrong in the midst of my cancer storm. In our stormy season, we both had to cling to His Word and a very special promise in the Bible that He gave my husband.

Below is a picture of us today with our sons, and my husband’s life promise, highlighted in his Bible with our wedding bands. We have this verse framed on a wooden plaque hanging in our living-room to remind us everyday. Why? Because we have needed this reminder over and over again. Even when we can’t see clearly, we choose to believe.

When I was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago, I chose a holistic route to heal. It took a commitment on my part to activate my faith by reading and listening to the Word of God. I would also listen to a CD of healing scriptures over and over again. The scriptures played in the background during my juicing and food prep, my “coffee breaks”, it was the alarm clock that woke me up and I would turn it on if I felt anxiety approaching.  If I couldn’t sleep at night, it was my go to background noise.  Here is a link to the CD I listened to during that time.  (No affiliation, just sharing.)

If there is one thing that I have come to realize is this:  God’s word is the truest health food.  It is the healing salve that my soul needs everyday.  It is what gives me peace, guides my decisions, and helps me to navigate life. When the world says otherwise, God’s word is truth.  Reading His word and searching for understanding helps me to align with His will, and not the other way around. God is in control. He is always faithful and He has seen us through the toughest moments in our lives.

Today, I wanted to invite you to join us in celebration of the goodness of God and the promises of His word.  HealingStrong will begin H.E.A.L. Bible Study again on August 12, 2019.  We are studying the healing scriptures and passages in the Gospels and Acts.  This time, we are taking it at a slower pace.  Will you join us? Sign up here. 

I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing with our HealingStrong family then studying the Word of God together and learning about God’s very heart and provision for healing. I hope you will join us!

If there is something we can pray for you about, please let us know.  Our prayer team reads every prayer request, and each Monday, our team of prayer warriors meet to pray specifically for each person.

All my love and gratitude,

Suzy Griswold


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