Pumpkin Spice Juice

Starting The Day Right

I love the Fall season for many reasons. The vibrant red, yellow and orange colors that dot across the landscape, the cool crisp air, and one of my favorite reasons to love this season is the flavors, especially PUMPKIN SPICE.

Unfortunately, what led me to loving Pumpkin Spice are the recipes that aren’t so good for me. I think many of you know what I’m talking about….I used to frequent the popular coffee hangout that is known for it’s pumpkin spice latte, or donut place that covers a muffin with sugary coated icing. Healing from cancer led me to a mindset that takes the “not so good recipes” and turns them into Good, Better, or Best recipes for my health!

So, here is a wonderful tip on how to turn an “unhealthy habit” during this season, into a wonderful way to start your day. This is one of my favorite and BEST juicing recipes. It’s full of beta-carotene, and rich in anti-oxidants. The combination of truly organic pumpkin spices also includes anti-angiogenic activity. This is not the “fake” pumpkin spice flavoring. This is ALL-NATURAL.

Just a little side note….If you notice in the background, my Bible is opened up to Jeremiah. Our Around the Word in 80 Days community is in this amazing book, and you are invited to join in any day or evening!

Feasting on pumpkin spice juice and God’s Word…the best!

How about you? Do you have any good recipes you’d like to share? Please respond to this email, and we may just use it in an upcoming newsletter! 🙂




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