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Hi HealingStrong family,

I hope you are all enjoying the final days of summer.

I was on a walk in our home-town at a local park with my husband, Jeff, and just wanted to share this special message with you that we recorded next to the lake. It’s a short video, only two minutes, but is a special message and invitation to you.

Thank you for being a part of this community. I really hope to see you in Houston on September 29 and 30 for an unforgettable conference.

We only have 150 tickets left! Register here ( .

With warm regards,

Suzy Griswold

HealingStrong Founder and Director



An Ongoing Partnership

With HealingStrong

HealingStrong and Journey U ( have had a powerful partnership for several years now. We are excited to share with you the transformative programs that will nurture your spiritual growth and journey towards healing. Journey U is one of our 10-Year Anniversary Conference and Celebration partners whose gifts allow us to bring you this very special event.

Journey U has helped many in our community who are on their own healing journey to find freedom and wholeness, and do so through comprehensive offerings that guide folks towards strengthening their relationship with God, and equipping them to walk out their healing with strength, love and grace.

Journey U’s core is that healing begins with applying biblical truths to our lives. Through powerful teachings, Journey U helps individuals recognize negative behavioral patterns, expose lies, and heal heart wounds. Their process involves self-reflection and prayer to release the healing love of God. Journey U encourages individuals to recognize areas of hurt, turn from destructive patterns, let go of burdens, and surrender to God’s guidance. By implementing these practices, individuals experience profound healing and restoration in their relationship with God and others. They offer both basic and advance level classes through Journey U University. (

The partnership between HealingStrong and Journey U offers an extraordinary opportunity for Refreshing the Spirit in God’s Word (a foundational pillar for HealingStrong). We encourage you to check out their offerings, and engage with the classes and resources provided. There is an abundance of peace and hope that comes from embracing the Biblical Truths that are at the core of their mission.

Remember, healing is a journey, and HealingStrong aligns strategically with partners like Journey U, who support you as you embark on a transformational journey towards spiritual freedom and healing. Contact Journey U today! (


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