Merry Christmas from HealingStrong

Dear our beloved HealingStrong family,

This has been the kind of year that we are ready to say goodbye to and not look back. Yet in the midst, I find myself thanking God for the many beautiful blessings and welcome surprises that He has brought our way in 2020. This year, when we thought that we would focus on rolling out a brand new curriculum (HealingStrong@Home) and product for our group leaders, we found ourselves expanding in ways we never dreamed of, while focusing on the most important part of healing — our spiritual connection with our Creator and Heavenly Father.

When the shut down began about a third of the way into the year, most of our groups stopped meeting in person. The isolation and despair of so many people who were newly diagnosed, or in the midst of treatments, became evident and people needed hope now more than ever – we all desperately needed connection. From our home office team to our group leaders, we began looking for ways to keep hope moving forward and truth as our guide.

Our online presence grew 1,000%, including monthly webinars from experts in nutrition, detoxification, emotional healing, breast health and so much more. My favorite, and I believe to be the most important part of the year, was our 80 day (straight!) corporate scripture readings. From August to October, we read through the entire Old and New Testament. It was truly, LIFE CHANGING. It was the most healing thing we could have done in 2020. Go here to watch the final day of readings and the testimonies of our participants!

We never know what a year may bring. As we celebrate the hope of Christmas and the one true Healer, Jesus, it is my prayer that you will experience Him in a fresh new way this next year. I pray you will fall in love with His Word, the Bible, which gives direction, peace, and life everlasting. We all need each other, but most of all, we all need a Savior. With the hope of Jesus, we can truly live a life of peace, joy and unconditional love – no matter what our circumstances may be. He is the life-giver.

If we can pray for you or help you make a connection, please let me know.

All my love and prayers,

Suzy Griswold, Founder and President
HealingStrong Together

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