Membership News September 2022


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Your membership support makes our HealingStrong Groups possible.

Here is a beautiful testimony from one of our HealingStrong Group Leaders about one of her participants who is also a proud member:

“Laura is an amazing woman of God who is not only a kidney transplant survivor, she is a stage 4 cancer thriver. She is never deterred by her limitations and presses forward with not only juicing daily but eating a plant based mostly raw food diet which has helped put her cancer into remission. She has also reversed diabetes and put her lupus into remission! She moves her body daily and never has an excuse for why she can’t do what she knows will help keep her body in a state of balance. Laura is a gentle, loving and deserving soul who wants to eventually start her own juicing business in order to help others.” – Dawn


Because HealingStrong Groups have become a part of Laura’s healing, she has learned about juicing and other strategies that have helped her walk confidently through her diagnosis. It is ONLY because of our members and supporters that we are able to support groups like Rancho Cucamonga, who in turn are able to educate and encourage people like Laura. In August, Laura won a brand new Nama 2 Juicer, donated by one of our partners, The Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom.

“Thank you again. I truly appreciate all that HealingStrong does for me. I know God put the program in my path. People like you make all the difference in the world.” – Laura

Want to experience what Laura’s group is like and hear her personal testimony? Below is a recording of our Rancho Cucamonga CA group, led by Dawn Watson and Junior Roman.







We love our HealingStrong Members!

Special thanks to our partner, Cherie Calbom, “The Juice Lady” for donating this amazing Nama 2 Juicer to be given away to one of YOU, our valued Members!



Have questions about your membership? Contact me, Maren Pellegrino, your membership coordinator.


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