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Exciting News from Suzy:

As many of you know, 2023 marks an important year for HealingStrong. We are coming up on 10 years of service as a non-profit organization. It is a monumental year and we have so much to celebrate. Our team met together recently to plan and pray about our next steps. Our Group Leader Mentors assembled for a weekend in north Atlanta, Georgia, to discuss ways to serve our Group Leaders best, along with refining and revising ways to meet the needs of our members and partners.

Because we live all over the country, this was the very first time that all 22 team members, both volunteer leadership and staff members were in one room together. We walked away with a prayerful plan for 2023, with big ideas of a HealingStrong Conference next September (marking 10 years since the very first conference). The plans are for this to take place in the very beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. We are also praying through more local regional events in our Group Leader communities.
While we were together, we walked down memory lane to pay tribute to how God has led us to this point, celebrating the impact HealingStrong has had on countless individuals over the past ten years. Most important – we acknowledged how much all of us have been tremendously impacted by our HealingStrong family. All I can say is…LOOK OUT 2023! Let’s GROW bigger and better….and mark this season with celebrations of healing and community. May God be glorified!

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us…” Ephesians 3:20

Sharing pics below of weekend planning retreat with our team.



Deji has a profound message of hope and how God led him to HealingStrong. His wife had suffered a trauma during the birth of their daughter, and Deji was looking for a faith community in the United Kingdom, but found HealingStrong in the United States. Their journey of healing continues and with God’s help, and all of YOU, HealingStrong is making a difference all around the world. Deji’s story is just one of many reasons we do what we do. It’s because of you that we can offer Deji the support and community he and his wife, Sarah, needed during a very difficult time in their lives. It’s not just about cancer….Deji’s testimony demonstrates the power of the HealingStrong Community coming together around faith, prayer, hope and encouragement. The outcome for Deji and his family include a whole community they never had before who continue to walk alongside them in life’s challenges and triumphs. Thank you, Deji, for sharing your story and helping others overcome life’s trials, and to all of you for being God’s hands and feet through HealingStrong.


Our Group Leader Training is ramping up. Not only do our new group leaders have the chance to train either during the daytime hours, or evening hours, but we also have assigned mentors ready to answer any of your questions. The community of Group Leaders is a community in and of itself, with special support each month, a designated staff member to help shepherd you in your journey and many volunteers who commit time, energy and effort to make sure you have all you need to lead strong. Are you ready to begin? Let us help you!


Many of our HealingStrong family have been affected by the devastating effects of Hurricane Ian. You responded and we are sending 100% of the gifts provided through the Hurricane Ian Support Page to the HealingStrong group members in the area impacted most. The group leaders, Maike and Kathy, will be distributing gift cards that have been purchased from a variety of stores and merchants that will help with day-to-day needs. Thank you so much to everyone who gave!


Each week, our I Am HealingStrong Podcast team works together to bring some of the most authentic folks with incredible testimonies, and lively discussion to our HealingStrong community. Our host and Group Leader, Jim Mann does a phenomenal job interviewing each guest. As a professional radio personality for many years, and now stage 4 melanoma cancer thriver, and HealingStrong Group Leader, the I Am HealingStrong podcast is one to mark on your calendars and download each week. Share with your friends who need encouragement and support. You will find it here. Whether speaking to a thriver, an overcomer, an educator, or practitioner, you will learn something each time, and be encouraged in your daily living, and faith journey. Thank you to our Podcast team – Jim, Ally, and Jacqueline for all of your dedication to make the I Am HealingStrong Podcast such a success! The mission of HealingStrong is carried out in projects like the I Am HealingStrong Podcast, and happens because of the support of folks that believe in our community and support us. Thank you!


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