How to Track and Measure Your Progress

Important things to remember if you’re feeling discouraged about your progress

> Healing happenings in phases and everyone is different. Comparison is the thief of joy – keep a gratitude journal of the ways you ARE making progress, rather than focusing on the ways you WISH you were making progress.

> Some therapies work for some people and not for others. Keep trying new approaches and ask God to give you wisdom and endurance – remember, He gives us grace for TODAY.

> There may be some trial and error involved. Be meticulous with your approach but make it work for YOU. Keep a diary, logs, and calendar…etc.

> The best way you can know if what you’re doing is working is by monitoring your process often and keeping good notes or asking a family member/friend to help.

> You may feel fearful to get tested from time to time. But remember, no matter the results, you have the tools and the power to keep going and change the next results. Pray for wisdom and ask God to help you make effective changes – He will guide you!

Below is an hour long lesson on Measuring and Tracking Your Progress presented by stage 4 Cancer Thriver, Herm Matos. Settle in, take notes, and ask the Lord to give you wisdom and help you find new ways to notice how He is working within you and healing you from the inside out!

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