Hope Against Breast Cancer Documentary

Hi it’s Suzy.

You and I both know this…  medical treatments can be quite challenging (and extremely confusing) to navigate.

More so, if you’re dealing with something like cancer.

Who do you trust?

What do you believe?

How do you know what to do?

That is why… Angie Lima is so special.

I just finished watching her story in the Hope Against Breast Cancer documentary and you can, too, by joining the Global Screening event HERE.

This film shares Angie’s inspirational journey as she traveled the world willing to do anything to save her life, and discovered never-before-seen treatments and a NEW approach to cancer!

Full disclosure: I cried as I watched Angie’s healing journey unfold – and I really got choked up when she shared how she felt when she first got the news that she had cancer. She was playing with her adorable 3-year old daughter as she shared this, and I couldn’t hold back the tears.  I understand the heartache of being diagnosed and wondering how it would affect the future of your children.

I met Angie last November at our 2018 Live HealingStrong Conference.

She actually was up on our stage when Dr. Tony Jimenez wrapped up his talk with a time of worship. (See her in the white shirt – 4th from the right.)  It was a very powerful time during the event to worship together with others who were cancer thrivers.


Angie….her testimony gives hope – no matter what choice someone makes to heal!

She showed me how choosing natural (non-toxic) therapies for cancer doesn’t have to be confusing or challenging and should definitely NOT be, a one-size-fits-all approach.

She inspired me with her courage, in the face of a cancer diagnosis, and with her bold and graceful confidence when she chose to not follow the status quo. You see, Angie customized her own cancer-healing protocol and (as you may have guessed it), she used a myriad of all-natural therapies.

I can’t wait for you to meet her too.

Her healing story was captured and before the documentary heads out to film festivals and global online streaming services, my friends at Natural Living Family and Cancer Tutor are giving you an all-access pass to watch the Global Premiere starting TODAY November 6.

You can reserve your seat for the Hope for Breast Cancer Global Premiere HERE.

When you hear Angie’s story, you’ll find hope and encouragement for your own health and wellness journey as well.

Whether you or someone you know is fighting the good fight against cancer or you’re simply interested in knowing more about non-toxic, integrative therapies for cancer… this is ONE documentary you cannot pass up.

Don’t miss it. I hope you take out a few minutes today and watch the trailer. It’s powerful!. Watch the Trailer Today!

Excited for this and what’s coming soon,

P.S. Word of mouth helps HealingStrong a lot. When you tell someone else about what we’re doing, it not only helps them, it helps us grow our support network.


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