Healing at Home: Adding this Little Seed

A Mother’s Day Reflection:Apricot Seeds 101:
A Powerful Adjunct to Consider
by Suzy Griswold

In 2009, amidst my commitment to the Gerson Therapy for my healing, my explorations led me to dive into research associated with additional supplements and treatments. As time went on, I sought out complementary practices that I could integrate easily to my daily regimen. This quest led me to embrace ancient remedies such as Essiac tea and grounding techniques. Expanding beyond that, I incorporated high dose Vitamin C and subsequently delved into the potent properties of a substance present in apricot kernels, apple seeds, and almonds known as Amygdalin or vitamin B17.

While my initial focus remained attuned to the principles of the Gerson diet and detoxification, I also recognized the significance of emotional healing and establishing a deeper connection with my faith and reading God’s Word. Embracing the teachings of Essiac Tea and the potential benefits of Amygdalin, I integrated these elements into my daily routine for a significant period and chronicled these adjunct therapies in the HealingStrong Participant Guide. You can download a copy of it for free, or just ask any Group Leader on how to obtain a hard copy.

Apricot Kernels containing amygdaline are small but mighty and possess a remarkable ability when it encounters unhealthy cells. In a fascinating process, it transforms into cyanide within these cells, ultimately working to eradicate them. While the notion of cyanide may sound alarming, the mechanism through which Amygdalin carries out this function is both intriguing and safe. Unfortunately, misconceptions surrounding cyanide abound, making it crucial to turn to an expert like John Richardson for a comprehensive understanding of this compound. John and our podcast host, Jim Mann, dive into this subject a little more.

Before delving into John’s insights, it is essential to provide additional context regarding the apricot seed and its association with the potential benefits of B17.

What They Are:
Apricot Seeds are the kernels found inside apricot pits, peaches and bitter almonds. Laetrile is a synthetic form of a compound called Amygdalin, which is naturally found in Apricot Seeds. Vitamin B17 is another term that has been used to refer to Laetrile.

What is B17 and the Benefits:
Vitamin B17 is a supplement derived from apricot pits and other natural sources. The chemical name for this compound is Amygdalin or Laetrile. Extracted from the seeds of certain fruits and tree nuts, Amygdalin is found in more than 1,200 different foods such as apple seeds, almonds, cashews, plums. However, in nature the highest concentration of Amygdalin is found in Raw Bitter Apricot Seeds. Vitamin B17 can be used as a supplement and is beneficial to overall well-being, promoting optimal health.

Why is it Important:
A balanced diet is essential to a healthy life, and few of us consume enough vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. B17 contains powerful immunity-boosting properties to strengthen your body’s natural defenses.

Healing Secrets of Apricot Seeds

& Laetrile Therapy

Ep #87

John A. Richardson Jr. (President of Richardson Nutritional Center), an advocate for nutritional therapy and a true believer in the science of Laetrile, brings hope, and deep dives into the heart of natural health and Biblical wisdom. Together, we peel back the layers surrounding the controversial amygdalin derivative and its role in cancer therapy, challenging long-held misconceptions and offering a fresh perspective on what it means to harness nature’s gifts for our well-being.

The discussion reaches beyond our hosts personal experience and into the realm of science, where Laetrile, often termed vitamin B17, is met with skepticism from the medical and media arenas. With a collection of recovery stories and a critical look at the myths tied to its cyanide content, the discussion covers a side that’s seldom told—one that’s rooted in both empirical evidence and a profound respect for the ancient texts. John shares the journey of his father, a pioneering doctor who personally documented seventy healed patients with Laetrile.

The importance of diet, the benefits of vitamins found in apricot seeds, and the ways in which we can all support our bodies’ natural defenses are discussed. This conversation is more than an exchange of ideas; it’s an invitation to look beyond conventional, and embrace the strength found in community, and to walk a path of hope and healing.



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