Have you heard the news yet?

Oh Happy Day! 🙂 I love that summer is here. Well, technically we have a few more days of Spring, but it also means we are less then 4 months away from a very beautiful and important milestone in the history of HealingStrong…It just keeps getting better!

Our family knows that this summer season is one that we will focus on the conference planning and organization, so we worked in a quick trip just before the season got started. It was uninterrupted time together. No cell service and computers were left at home. 🙂

We celebrated our youngest son’s graduation, and enjoyed time with Jeff’s 86 and 87 year old parents. What a gift. We are also celebrating my Dad’s upcoming nuptials, at the ripe age of 80! Yes, love can happen at any age.

I haven’t seen my Dad as happy and content as he is today, in a long time. 🙂

My Dad happens to be one of our Chaplains here at HealingStrong, who serves our group leaders. Our family, including Jeff’s parents, my Dad, and our two boys serve in some capacity with HealingStrong. We know the importance this organization has had on our own family, and we are living proof that true healing has a ripple effect to our loved ones!

I’d love to know how you are doing? Have you connected with a group

Would you like to become a Group Leader?

Are you planning to join us in September?

Below is a picture of Jeff and I taking time to reconnect before our gathering in September.

One More Thing.

I Want To Ask You To Consider Something….

Will you share your HealingStrong story? When you do, it helps us gain a meaningful connection and deeper understanding of your experiences. It also gives clarity as to how HealingStrong can be a helpful resource to you and others who may need support and encouragement.

It could make an eternal difference in someone’s life, and change a family forever!

In fact, when I first had the idea for HealingStrong, I started by looking for others with similar healing stories, had been in the trenches of healing, and shared the vision with strong faith.

That’s how our team came together. That’s why we did our first conference in 2013. We knew that by locking arms, sharing our stories and helping others to see that healing is possible, we offer the most important remedy — HOPE…. the rest is history.

We love stories and sharing them with one another here at HealingStrong. Stories not only encourage others through their own cancer journey, but others and they are an anchor for our HealingStrong Groups.

Share yours. We’d love to hear it. Will you? Send it with a picture, or a very short video message. It doesn’t have to be polished.

My sweet husband, Jeff, will be starting our conference videos soon.

Please email it to me at: Events@healingstrong.org

Subject line: My HealingStrong Story.

I hope to hear from you this month, and meet you in person in September!

Much love,

Suzy Griswold

Founder and President


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