Go MAD this March!

Hi HealingStrong, Family! March is an exciting month and we have alot to share with you! Remember, we heal better in community, and there are so many ways HealingStrong would like to encourage, educate and empower you to heal and stay strong.

First, here is a little laughter and a little Truth for you to share with your loved ones:

“Why is the letter A like a flower?”
“…Because B’s come after it!”

“Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”
Matthew 6:26 ESV



Special Message From Maren Pellegrino
(HS Membership Coordinator)

Get ready, Let’s go MAD this March together! Join Maren in her challenge to make a difference this month by loving on those around you in a special and unique way!

Need some tips on how to get started? Watch the special 2 minute video message from Maren and get your pencil ready! WE LOVE MAREN and this is a special message.



Listen to Our New Podcast!

Are you wondering if there are people out there who are living with advanced disease, who have hope, joy and peace in their healing? You are invited to listen to incredible stories of people thriving who share faith in God and believe they can be healed, no matter the diagnosis. Led by our very own HealingStrong Group Leader, Jim Mann, and Ally Powell, these podcasts focus on stories from people who have been in the trenches of loss, hopelessness and despair and come out on top. You don’t want to miss these two interview guests each week!

Head on over to your preferred streaming app and type in “I Am HealingStrong Podcast” to start listening! We’ve got 4 amazing episodes ready for you with more on the way each week! THIS WEEK IS A PERSONAL FAVORITE because the interviewee wrote one of my all time favorite songs: EVEN IF! Mercy Me sings it, and Tim Timmons wrote it with Bart, the lead singer. Tim was given little hope when he was diagnosed, and today he lives his purpose and mission in life — to sing his prayers!



HealingStrong Groups: Where You Can Find and Give Hope

Our groups meet online, in person and a hybrid of both. Check out our group directory to find the group that’s right for you! Can’t get in touch? Let us know by emailing help@healingstrong.org and we will be sure to connect you! Each group has a curriculum that addresses nutritional needs, detoxification, supplementation, emotional healing and so much more!

We’re also so happy to announce that we’ve added a calendar to our groups page so you can easily see which groups meet on what days and at what time! You can also download this calendar as well to your laptop or desktop.



Want to start a group in your area? Consider becoming a HealingStrong Group Leader!

To our HealingStrong Family:

I want you to know that there is always hope. Do you believe that? When you join a community of authentic people who are walking through a similar path, or have been there and want to help others to heal into wholeness, anything is possible! We are here to pray for you, encourage you and provide education, connection and support.

If you need prayer, please email our prayer team at prayerrequest@healingstrong.org, or join us in so many opportunities.

Nightly, we are on Around the Word in 80 Days, and that’s absolutely one of the best ways to find peace, hope, and healing in God’s Word together with others from all around the world. We will start the New Testament within the week. Will you join us? HealingStrong is here for you.

All my love and support,
Suzy Griswold, Founder and President

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