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Have you been looking for new recipes to help you on your healing journey? Join one of our group leaders and cancer thriver, Linda Murphy, as she demonstrates for us how to cook up some delicious, cancer fighting soup!



Ready to add more recipes like this to your healing protocol? Visit our website to join our membership and receive your copy of the 30 Day Healthy Living Guide which also includes daily devotionals and step-by-step routines and daily recipes to help you establish good habits as you learn to heal.

Resources included in your Membership:

Topics in the 30 Day Healthy Living Guide include:

  • Recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats)
  • Daily devotionals that focus on different aspects of healing like forgiveness
  • Suggestions to help you renew your soul (like laughter, sleep, breathing, exercise and more!)



This Week’s Podcast Episode:
Shifting Our Focus

Tekquiree Spencer, an actress, filmmaker, and now health and wellness advocate, was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 36 weeks pregnant. After her diagnosis, Tekquiree decided to pursue a primarily natural treatment approach, in addition to some chemotherapy. She received treatment from a holistic doctor, used targeted therapies, and leveraged what she learned as a child from her father, who was a juicing and wheatgrass enthusiast. Her journey led to her understanding that true healing occurs not just from what we eat, but from our mental and spiritual states as well – most notably in what we think, how we feel, and our ability to stand in truth.



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