Faces of HealingStrong

Our HealingStrong Community….Faces of cancer thrivers. Faces of caregivers.  Faces of Group Leaders. Faces of supporters.

That’s what this email is about.

As I was pulling pictures off my phone from this past weekend from an event I attended with my husband, Jeff, I thought to myself — I need to share these because someone reading this may be disillusioned about cancer.  So many of these faces represent wellness warriors…. and they are turning the face of cancer upside down.

These beautiful people – many whom have had or have cancer – are seeing life as an opportunity to give back, sharing their personal stories, equipping and supporting others in their own communities. They are learning all they can about how to heal naturally and sharing it with others.

Finding purpose and passion because of cancer is highlighted in every face represented below.

The face of cancer is changing and with the help of HealingStrong, people are finding their “tribe” with others to encourage and support one another.

Join us on this mission to change the face of cancer and give hope to so many who’ve lost it.

If you’ve been on the other side of a person who has lost hope; you know how difficult it can be for everyone involved. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life.” Proverbs 3:12

Your story and life matter!

Smiling faces of our community. Joining us to share a meal with HealingStrong group leaders in California is Carl Wagner, from Beatcancer.org, Bailey O’Brien, holistic cancer thriver who was a speaker at our last HealingStrong Conference, and Leonard Rosenbaum, who is a cancer researcher and shares his research with thousands. Others attend local groups or joined in support of their friend. In this picture alone are faces of people who have healed holistically from cancers of the prostate, breast, thyroid, and skin. What an honor to share a meal with them.
Wellness warriors most are leading local HealingStrong groups or are involved in helping others with cancer — 7 out of the 14 in this picture are holistic cancer thrivers.


Abundant Family Living Church Wellness team in Rancho Cucamongo. Pastor Diego Mesa (far right), leads a wellness initiative in his church that is changing lives, including supporting a HealingStrong group that hosts 40-60 participants each month. In this picture, there are 4 holistic cancer thrivers, including the pastor who is a stage 4 cancer thriver.


Enjoying time with other group leaders, Dawn and Theran. Dawn’s group is about 30 minutes from Theran’s group and they share resources to best support the participants. It’s a beautiful collaborative!

What’s your HealingStrong story? Would you like to be involved in a meetup with other thrivers?  Please send it to us here at groups@healingstrong.org.

Support your local HealingStrong group.  Connect today.  If there isn’t one, please consider starting one.  We would love to help you.

I hope to see or hear from YOU soon!

Much love,


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