Dr. V’s Exciting October Breast Health Awareness Month!

Hi it’s Suzy. I’m preparing quite a fantastic end of the year for you here at HealingStrong. It’s literally taken me and my team all year to bring you all of this.

After our incredible HealingStrong LIVE event last year, we got straight to work on this. You’ll want to stay tuned to my email dispatches because this is going to be a lot of fun. And it will help you, and our whole community at HealingStrong, to get involved.

Today though, I have exciting news.

Dr. V, who has been a part of HealingStrong since the start, is back!

Christine and Dr. V gave an incredible presentation in June of this year.

It’s Dr. V’s Exciting October Breast Health Awareness Month!

Dr. V renamed October’s “Pink Month” to BHAM—Breast Health Awareness Month. Because her focus is on your health versus “killing cancer”.

Word of mouth helps HealingStrong a lot. When you tell someone else about what we’re doing, it not only helps them, it helps us grow our support network.


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