Dra. Mei’s Story

We THANK our God above for Dra. Mei Hung Lee Lai

She is a believer in the power given by God for the body to HEAL and has been blessed with a diversity of giftings including a depth of knowledge, wisdom and healing hands that she has used to guide countless numbers of patients to renewed health and vitality. Our family has been the personal benefactors of her skills. Our daughter,Angel, who was in a near fatal accident in Jan. of 2017 and was to be confined to a body brace for 6 months to a year went to her for a visit and after the first visit went from not being able to turn her head or torso to being able to move it 90% . I had booked an appointment as well and was in the next room. After examining me Dra. Mei went back and told Angel I CAN help your mother and that she has!

She is passionate about passing on the knowledge she has acquired by currently instructing other doctors, health care practitioners and anyone interested in learning the natural healing laws of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) so that they too can use these modalities in their circle of influence as tools to relieve the pain and suffering plaguing their patients, friends or loved ones. Her belief and commitment to the efficacy and value of these God given laws of healing, but often not utilized and implemented, has lead her to the building of a University in Mexico that should be completed in the very near future. She considers TCM so essential that she is bestowing the gift of training to all her children as a legacy.

She definitely practices what she preaches. She is currently licensed in Mexico, China, and the US. At Irvine in California she is also teaching doctors how to perform Acupotomy, an acupuncture with microanatomy knowledge application, that can actually prevent some more invasive surgeries. Her passion for passing on the skills she has been endowed with to as many others who are willing to learn stems from her realization that this is her “duty” and the fulfilling of her Life Purpose.

She is one of the most “beautiful Rainbow”s 🌈
(the meaning of her chinese name)
that our Heavenly Father created.
She is indeed yet another way God has blessed the world with His compassion and faithfulness.

May His abundant LOVE,HEALING and COMPASSION continue to freely flow through you Dra. Mei!

Favorite Verse:
The Joy of the Lord is your Strength.
Nehemiah 8:10b

In Thy Presence is Fullness of Joy
Psalm 16:11b



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