Doc Nuzum’s Story

With Gratitude and Appreciation. A Well Deserved Tribute to Doc Nuzum.

Our family would like to thank with deep appreciation and gratitude Doc Nuzum. He has dedicated his life to blessing and easing the suffering of his fellow man even through great persecution, where many a lesser man would not have endured, but He firmly knows where his source of strength comes from (Philippians 4:13)

To our benefit he has vigilantly continued to keep his eye on the goal he was created and trained for and like Nehemiah hasn’t been deterred from his life purpose before him and we are all the better for it! His priorities are in the right order with 1st being a deep reverence and devotion to our Creator who motivates him to gently guide others with compassion and a servants heart on their journey of life even against intense, fierce, supposedly insurmountable, obstacles.

He is a loving and devoted husband to his beautiful wife Gina and a leader and nurturer to his five children. He then diligently and graciously serves his fellow man through the remarkable knowledge and giftings that God has richly blessed him with. He compassionately empowers his patients with the knowledge and guidance they need for them to implement and apply to their lives what is beneficial to stabilize, detox and then fortify their bodies so their bodies can Heal Strong.

He is a man of integrity and compassion, faithfully living out the legacy his parents and grandparents trained him in. He has been blessed by God with abundant knowledge which he uses to serve his fellow man. When you meet him you immediately know you have been blessed beyond measure. Knowing that God in his divine goodness saw fit for your path to cross with someone of this caliber who serves and leads for the glory of God. His own words, from a couple of his posts, aptly reveal his heart and the man that he is.

Today I reflect on the role of Father – it is one of the greatest, most life-changing blessings I have been given. I hope to be the kind of hero in my children’s life that my father was to me–one who leads his children in a Godly way with humility and integrity. Among those I have admired for giving me their very best are my dad, my grandfathers and all the mentors that have challenged me to become a better human being.

Take a moment to give thanks for someone who has helped you become a better person, and remember to support your own health in achieving its greatest expression so that you may be that strong and healthy mentor for another person. The world needs its strong leaders, healthy men, and strong and healthy husbands and fathers.

“Many people don’t have good relationship with their Dad, but I have an awesome father and we are not only father and son but best friends. He sent me this message this morning:
Good morning son:
Coal turns to diamonds under pressure, making them precious!!! You’re life has had a lot of pressure making you PRECIOUS!!
So is your family!! We love YOU!!!

Appreciate those that brought you into this World if for no other reason, simply for the reason that they decided to bring you here.

Appreciate that you have life from your parents. Sometimes things can be fixed if they’ve gone sour, sometimes not. But if you honor your parents you will be blessed by God for it.

Love you Dad! Thank you for everything!!

So to borrow the words of Doc’s father and agreeing whole heartedly,

Doc Nuzum you are Precious!! So is your family!! We love YOU!!!

And we THANK God for creating you!


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