Discover the Healing Power of Community

HealingStrong Groups meet differently.

One meets in a group leader’s church…one a group leader’s home…and another meets with others online.

One focused their meeting on rebuilding the body…

Another on renewing the soul…

and the other on refreshing the spirit in God’s Word.

All topics are important to healing, and each group offers support, tools and encouragement needed to heal and stay strong.

Do you feel like you are navigating your health journey alone?

Join our supportive community and experience the transformative benefits that come from connecting with others who share your passion and desire for healing and well-being.

At HealingStrong, we equip and empower individuals with tools that help them make informed decisions and better choices at home. Whatever your healing path, the day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute choices you make at home matter most. We believe that true healing goes beyond traditional medicine, and it encompasses three vital pillars: rebuilding the body, renewing the soul, and refreshing the spirit through God’s Word.

** Joining a HealingStrong community group is simple. We offer both in-person and online groups, allowing you to connect with others regardless of your location. You will find a welcoming environment where you can learn, grow and heal together.

Don’t miss the life-changing benefits of HealingStrong community groups. Visit our website today and find a group near you or join our online community. Take that first step towards a more holistic approach to healing and rediscover the power of community.

** Your day to day choices and what you do at home – matter most!

Dr. Lauren, NMD, Christian Natural Health, interviews our Founder, Suzy Griswold, about her personal testimony and why HealingStrong has played such a significant role in her own healing story, along with countless others.

** Together, we can find healing and strength.


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