Detoxification and Enemas

Let’s Talk Coffee Enemas

You don’t have to like the taste of coffee to enjoy all these benefits… We’re certain many of you must be thinking, “Why coffee enemas? Aren’t there so many other types of detox I should be doing first?” Here is a basic understanding of this detoxification tool that has been used for many years, and accepted widely by practitioners – even being posted in the Merck Manual until 1984. *Note: The Merck Manual is the doctor’s reference manual.

Over the last hundreds of years, enemas have been an ancient form of hydrotherapy and cleansing. Enemas and colonic irrigation used to be routine procedures in hospitals. Coffee enemas were first made popular by Max Gerson, MD, author of A Cancer Therapy -Results of 50 Cases. He and his daughter, the late Charlotte Gerson, used nutritional therapy for cancer and other diseases with amazing results. His therapy is well known for its use of coffee enemas with a plant-based diet, juices and other supplements. **You can visit for more information.

Top Benefits of Coffee Enemas:

  • Toxin Elimination – By stimulation of glutathione-s-transferase, our body’s potent enzyme for detoxification, coffee enemas help eliminate toxins through the liver.
  • Cleansing – Coffee helps to clean the colon walls and alkalize the intestines.
  • Stimulates Bile Flow – Increases bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine so they will not be absorbed. Coffee contains choleretics, substances that increase the flow of toxin-rich bile from the gallbladder. The coffee enema may be among the only therapeutically effective choleretics noted in the medical literature that can be safely used many times daily without toxic effects.
  • Stimulates Powerful Detox Enzyme – Dr. Max Gerson, Gerson Institute and Gerson Diet Therapy, used coffee enemas because of the effectiveness it had on the glutathione-s-transferase enzyme system. These enzyme ensures that free-radical activity is reduced and that carcinogens are blocked. When free-radical production is not controlled, it plays a major role in the disease process and overtaxes the liver. During coffee enemas, glutathione-s-transferase is stimulated and increased up to 700% more during a coffee enema. Coffee enemas help stimulate our body’s perfectly made anti-oxidant that easily aids in detoxification.

Below are 4 amazing resources to help you get started with coffee enemas and detoxing your body!



Detox and Coffee Enemas by Group Leader and breast cancer thriver, Christine Holcomb. Join Christine as she walks us through how to detox, including her own experience with coffee enemas.
*Above, Lesson on Coffee Enemas, by HealingStrong board member and cancer thriver Christine Holcomb


HealingStrong presents a special presentation with Dr. Patrick Vickers who discusses Gerson Therapy where detoxification is an important part of therapy.
*Above, recorded HealingStrong webinar with special guest Dr. Patrick Vickers

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