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In order to understand the value of detoxing, it is important that you first realize how the body works as a defense mechanism against toxins. A breakdown in our health (sickness or disease) means our defense mechanism is compromised. Toxic buildup in the body is much like garbage overflow in a dump. If it sticks around long enough, predators, varmints, and others disease-causing culprits attack. Once inside our body, these contaminants can attack vital organs including the liver and kidneys – two essential organs for healing strong.

Once toxins enter our body, a healthy immune system will deal with them. However, when a person is dealing with cancer or other chronic health issues, toxins will undermine the immune system’s ability to effectively heal.

Although toxins can be found in many different areas, let’s talk about two main ways toxins make their way into our system and what can be done to avoid them.

1) Food
The Problem: If your food comes from a box, bag or can, it typically has toxic chemicals in it. Stabilizers, flavor preservatives, colors and dyes are all additives or preservatives. Diet products containing artificial sweeteners are highly toxic.

The Solution: Eat whole (unprocessed) foods: organic, non-GMO (genetically modified) fruits and vegetables when possible. Green, leafy vegetables are detoxifying. Grass fed, hormone and antibiotic-free beef, as well as free-range, non-GMO fed chicken and fish. Avoid these fish due to high levels of toxins: Bluefin Tuna, Chilean Sea Bass, Grouper, Monkfish, Orange Roughy, and farmed Salmon.

2) Body Care and Cleaning Products
The Problem: According to the EWG, almost 90% of the 10,500 known cosmetics and skin care ingredients have not been evaluated for safety by the Cosmetic Ingredient Review, the FDA or any other publicly accountable institution. The American government does not require health studies or pre-market testing of chemicals in personal care products, even though we are exposed to them. Most shampoo, face wash, deodorant, lotion, diaper rash cream, laundry detergent, toothpaste, fingernail polish, hair color, hairsprays, colognes, and perfumes contain toxic chemicals. Even some products labeled natural and/or organic may contain chemically-derived additives, which are generally recognized as safe and not legally required to be listed on the label.

The Solution: Choose everyday products without petrolatum, phosphates, aluminum, mineral oil, paraffin, sulfates, chlorine, ammonia, and artificial fragrance. Products contained in biodegradable, BPA-free, packaging are available online, if not in local stores. Visit the EWG’s website at and search for your products in its comprehensive guides (healthy cleaning, sunscreens, cosmetics and other skincare products). Most deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum, which can be harmful to the lymph nodes so choose one that is aluminum free or search easy recipes to make your own!

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