Hope Against Breast Cancer Documentary

Hi it’s Suzy. You and I both know this…  medical treatments can be quite challenging (and extremely confusing) to navigate. More so, if you’re dealing with something like cancer. Who do you trust? What do you believe? How do you know what to do? That is why… Angie Lima is so special. I just finished […]

A Special Message & Invitation for this Monumental Day!

10 years ago today I was headed into surgery for my cancer diagnosis. That really set everything into motion – my journey into healing and wholeness that ultimately led to the wonderful organization of HealingStrong. In celebration of this monumental day I would like to share the top 10 things I’ve learned over the last […]

Faces of HealingStrong

Our HealingStrong Community….Faces of cancer thrivers. Faces of caregivers.  Faces of Group Leaders. Faces of supporters. That’s what this email is about. As I was pulling pictures off my phone from this past weekend from an event I attended with my husband, Jeff, I thought to myself — I need to share these because someone […]

Dr. V’s Exciting October Breast Health Awareness Month!

Hi it’s Suzy. I’m preparing quite a fantastic end of the year for you here at HealingStrong. It’s literally taken me and my team all year to bring you all of this. After our incredible HealingStrong LIVE event last year, we got straight to work on this. You’ll want to stay tuned to my email […]

HEAL Bible Study

It’s Suzy, and I’m so excited!  It’s almost time for us to start! Some may remember that the first part of this year I invited anyone who would like to join me personally in treasure hunting through the Bible to discover God’s heart in healing, focusing on the first five books in the New Testament. […]

A Giant HealingStrong Update!

I thought I’d share both personal update and give you some GREAT news about HealingStrong Groups Around the World! 🙂 Since 2013, Jeff and I have worked on “downsizing” our lives.  We went from living in our dream home where we raised our two boys – to selling the house, moving into a little rental […]

Anti-Cancer Revolution talks

In only a few hours, Ryan Sternagel’s free online Anti-Cancer Revolution talks will begin. Here’s what Chris Wark says and why he thinks this is a good thing, “Any time we can get medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors, and survivors, people who care about a holistic approach and an integrative approach to health and healing together it’s […]

Special Anniversary Celebration and Invitation!

Hello everyone!  I hope your summer has been wonderful. This is a personal blog post alert. 🙂 Today is a special day for our family…Jeff and I are celebrating 30 Years of Marriage. We have been celebrating all week long. 🙂 What has made the most lasting difference in our marriage? Trusting God and standing […]

Time and Balance

Hi it’s Suzy from HealingStrong. Are you experiencing May Madness? For some, our children are wrapping up their school year. (My youngest son is graduating high school this week!) I’ve had some weepy moments lately, playing memories in my mind of me and Drew over these last 18 years. Did I do enough? Did I […]