A Mother’s Day Reflection: Make Bridges Not Grudges

A Mother’s Day Reflection:
Make Bridges Not Grudges
by Suzy Griswold

As Mother’s Day draws near, it offers a poignant reminder of the strength and love that mothers bring into our lives. This special occasion holds varying meanings for different individuals, but for those with a mom in active healing, its significance runs deep.

First, I want to honor those who are experiencing this Mother’s Day without your Mom. Perhaps your mother was not your birth Mom, but someone who loved you like your own. Whoever she is, or was to you…may you be comforted, and remember, with fondness, the love shared by that special someone who gave you life, and/or touched your life deeply.

For this particular Mother’s Day, I wanted to reflect on those Mothers who are in active healing. I recall one particular Mother’s Day in 2011 when I found myself navigating cancer and felt tethered to a strict regimen and protocol. The day served as a poignant reminder of the challenges I faced and the need to alter my routines, including searching for specialized dining options and adhering to a daily detox regimen that kept me close to home. However, amidst these adjustments, it became one of the most memorable Mother’s Days for me. Instead of venturing out, my family came together at home, sharing heartfelt notes and gathering around the table for games and laughter. The absence of external pressures allowed us to relish our time together, creating moments that I hold dear to this day. My children took charge of juicing, my husband shouldered the meal preparation, and we cherished the simple joy of being together. As we were learning to navigate our “new normal”, taking a full-day to just enjoy “being” together, was especially memorable. No pressures. Just together.

Important side note especially for the Mothers reading this: I have to clarify…my family didn’t come up with this idea on their own…I needed to express what I wanted for that day. Some of us women tend to think our family “should know” what we need or want but we don’t do a good job communicating it. Don’t make that mistake and then simmer because the outcome isn’t what you wanted. Tell them. In the end, togetherness is really the crown….whatever it might look like – perfectly imperfect. If your family is far away and you haven’t heard from them, or perhaps you got a text or a facebook message and wanted more…. pick up the phone. Use FaceTime, What’s App, Messenger, or Zoom technology and look at those beautiful faces. Life is too short. Make bridges, not grudges. It could be the greatest lesson you live out.

For those Mothers in active healing, remember that you are on a unique journey that demands self-care, patience, creativity and fortitude. And if you love a mother in active healing, find out how you can love her best this Mother’s Day. Write a heartfelt note. Share memories and ask her about the things that she holds close to her heart. Embrace the simplicity of time.

As we approach this Mother’s Day, let us pause to honor and celebrate all the mothers in active healing. Let us acknowledge their bravery, resilience, and enduring love that shines brightly, even in the face of adversity. May we treasure each moment with them, extend unwavering support, and serve as a source of strength and comfort on their path toward healing.

To all the moms in active healing – you are treasured, you are loved, and you are an inspiration to us all. Happy Mother’s Day.



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Below is a beautiful testimony we received from a patron in London who just completed the “Trusting God’s Plan in the Battle: Lessons from the Life of Jehoshaphat”.

I just completed the ‘Trusting God’s Plan in the Battle: Lessons from the life of Jehoshaphat,’ and I’m happy I came across the devotional and kept going right through to the end! I was raised in the church but would say I’m a ‘baby Christian’ (if that is even a thing). I struggle to understand how to listen and wait for God. I don’t know what I’m doing in life; I’m kind of hovering at a job that I’m unhappy with but trying to be grateful that I have a job and second guessing whether or not I should do a course I’m interested in.

One of the questions asked in the devotional was, ‘What was your biggest takeaway from Jehoshaphat’s story?’ I have two. One, that we must always seek God first in whatever we do (that’s what I struggle with), and two, when deep in struggle or turmoil and we call out for God, he will always be there to take you out! Call upon him and he’s there!

My prayer request is to learn how to be patient, to wait on the Lord, and how I can hear him and know that it is him. Not to worry and know that if I come off the path he has put me on, he will redirect…Khrystal, London



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