Breast Cancer Thriver Month


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is notoriously marked by pink ribbons…

They have become a mark of those who are “surviving” cancer and a call to donate to a multi-million dollar organization who claims to be fighting for a cure. However, the original peach ribbon was a call to action, a demand for prevention and greater accountability. It was a grassroots movement that aimed to empower those struggling with cancer.

Her name was Charlotte Haley…the original peach ribbon creator.




We are HealingStrong. A community that was created to come together and rise victorious over cancer through refreshing our spirit by the Word of God, renewing our soul by removing emotional barriers, and rebuilding our bodies through the power of nutrient dense food, made to heal our bodies from the inside out. Our logo is a representation of “flipping cancer on it’s head” – (ever noticed the upside-down ribbon?)

Join with us throughout October as we celebrate Breast Cancer THRIVERS in our community.Are you one of them? Share your story with us!




Dr. Veronique Desaulniers

Breast cancer conqueror and cancer thriver, Dr. V, is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things breast cancer. Below is a wonderful and very candid Q&A video she did with HealingStrong which addresses many topics related to breast cancer and healing.

Dr. V is also the latest guest on our I AM HealingStrong Podcast! After beating breast cancer twice, she developed the 7 Essentials System to help women understand that healing is a multi-faceted process.

In this episode, Dr. V discusses that emotional health can be one of the greatest catalysts for disease in the body. An advocate of a holistic treatment for cancer, she continues to educate and empower women on how to not only survive, but thrive, in order to live a wonderful life.




HealingStrong is made up of incredible men and women, many of whom have walked their very own journey of healing cancer. This month, we honor those on our team who work day in and day out to support our community. This month, we will be recognizing many of those women who serve in a variety of ways.

Today, we start with these beautiful women. We could not do HealingStrong without them and we want to honor you for your service and your success in overcoming a cancer diagnosis and helping others do the same. All of you are such an inspiration! We are in awe of the ways you have persevered and trusted the Lord the whole way through your healing journeys. It is an honor to serve with you.


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