2021 Jump Start Guide

HealingStrong is a non profit organization that desires to help others to truly heal and stay strong BODY, SOUL and SPIRIT.

We do it best in community.


Our desire by offering this guide is to help you to truly heal and find hope and meaning in your life, no matter what’s happening in the world around you. Regardless of what a doctor says, with God, there is always hope. We need not look any further than to our Creator and the Greatest Physician! He has given us direction in all areas of healing – body, soul and spirit, and when we address each of those areas, you will find healing and wholeness.

The question is always – where to turn for credible help that is FREE!


These are our top recommendations for 2021, including free resources, websites, books, etc. Enjoy this gift from HealingStrong to you. Please take time to go through these pages. Connect with information and others. Heal and Stay STRONG! We Believe in You!

– Suzy Griswold, Founder and Director


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