Week 2 : Matthew

We’ve created an acrostic to help us remember some key points to turn this time of study into a time of spiritual growth and personal healing.

Digging deeper into these books will reveal truths that will change the way you view healing, and most important draw you closer to our Heavenly Father. May God bless you as you commit your time and heart to study His word.

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Jesus Heals The Leper
Read Matthew 8: 1 – 4

In today’s passage, Jesus is in a town with a large crowd following him.  A man covered in leprosy kneels before Jesus and asks this question, “Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.”  

Jesus reaches out and touches him.  This is a big deal because to touch a leper would make Jesus ceremonially unclean by Jewish law.  But Jesus cared more about the person than breaking any rules. He reaches out and touches the leper, and immediately the person is healed. 


  1. Why do you think Jesus told the leper not to tell anyone of his healing and go directly to the priests?
  2. What physical form of humility did the leper show Jesus?
  3. What did you learn about Jesus in this story?

Jesus Heals the Roman Centurion’s Servant
Matthew 8: 5 – 13

Faith is the key message in this story.  In this passage, a Roman centurion had a paralyzed servant for whom he’s seeking healing.  This Roman soldier approached Jesus and the first words out of his mouth were, “Lord.” 

As you read, notice the centurion’s humble faith.  He understood the power of submission under authority.  He truly believed Jesus could heal his servant with just a word.  And look at how Jesus responded. He was astonished!

This man’s humble and faithful approach was eye opening.  He didn’t demand that Jesus heal the servant, nor did he give reasons of how great he was as a person to deserve it.  He believed Jesus had the authority and ability over illness to heal, so he asked.


  1. What did you learn about this man’s faith and how he petitioned Jesus?
  2. This man of authority came for healing for his servant and not himself.  What does that say about his heart?
  3. In the world of Spirit in which Jesus still actively heals, does physical distance matter then or now?  How can you be in touch with Jesus to receive His healing power here and now?

Peter’s Mother-in-law is Healed
Matthew 8: 14 – 15

The account of Jesus healing Peter’s mother-in-law is in three of the four gospels.  Jesus had just left the synagogue in Capernaum and went to Peter and Andrew’s house. Luke’s account of this story said she was suffering from a high fever.  Back in those days, one could die when ill like that. Jesus went in, touched her hand and the fever left her. Immediately, she got up and began to wait on him.  

When we’re sick, we are dependent on others to serve us.  What a delight that once healed, she wanted to serve Jesus.  


  1. Did Peter’s mother-in-law ever ask for Jesus to heal her?  
  2. What stood out to you about this healing passage?
  3. What do you think Jesus expects of us after our healing?

Healing by Night
Read Matthew 8: 16 – 17

Evening came to Capernaum where Jesus was visiting. Waiting until evening, loved ones brought their demon-possessed family members and friends to Him.  Could it be that these caregivers had been in hiding, waiting for a time when the least amount of people would see their troubled loved one? Or, could it be the expression of torment was more present during the nighttime hours and they needed help? 

As they brought their loved ones, Jesus drove out the spirits with a word.  The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords had the ultimate authority to cast out demons.

That night, Jesus healed all their sick, fulfilling what the prophet Isaiah had said, “He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.” 


  1. Do you believe people can either be possessed or oppressed by demons today?
  2. The demon-possessed people didn’t come to Jesus on their own.  Their loved ones cared for them enough to bring them to Jesus. What do you think of that?  
  3. Do you know someone in your life who may need help getting to Jesus?

Jesus Calms The Storm
Read Matthew 8: 23 – 27

Jesus and his disciples sailed one evening on a small boat across the Sea of Galilee, the equivalent of a large lake.  Since it was late, Jesus went to the back of the boat to sleep. Suddenly, a furious storm came without warning, causing winds and waves to rock the boat and seemingly sink it.  In desperation, the disciples woke up Jesus, fearing they would drown. Upon waking Jesus said, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then, he rebuked the wind and the waves.  Suddenly, all was calm.

Healing from any disease, cancer or illness is scary.  It’s the scary storm in our lives that feels like it will drown us.  Sometimes these illnesses come out of nowhere threatening our health and lives.  It’s only natural to be frightened, just like the disciples were fearful.  

However scary the storm, the key to this story is Jesus.  He was right there with them before the storm came, during the raging waters, and afterwards when He calmed the storm.  With Jesus on our boat, we have the Maker of the heavens and earth who can heal any disease and calm any storm. If the storm rages, Jesus’ rest is available to us in the midst of the storm. Do we trust Him to do that?


  1. Have you ever allowed fear to overtake you?
  2. If the disciples were operating in a spirit of faith instead of fear, how might this story look different?
  3. How can you live in faith instead of fear while you are healing?

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