Week 1 : Matthew

We’ve created an acrostic to help us remember some key points to turn this time of study into a time of spiritual growth and personal healing.

Digging deeper into these books will reveal truths that will change the way you view healing, and most important draw you closer to our Heavenly Father. May God bless you as you commit your time and heart to study His word.

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Introduction – Meeting Matthew
Read Matthew 9: 9-13

As you begin your study in the Gospel of Matthew, it may be helpful to remember that before he was Matthew, the disciple, he had been Levi, the Jewish tax-collector for the Roman Government.  He was despised for padding his own purse while serving the enemy (see also Mk. 2: 14-17 and Luke 5:27-37). The actual account of Jesus calling Matthew can be read here: Matthew 9: 9-13. Jesus sees Matthew at his tax-collecting booth and tells him: “Follow me,” and Matthew did exactly that.  

Perhaps the greatest healing miracle in this Gospel must be the transformation of Matthew.  From a hated traitor’s shriveled-up soul to the magnanimous Matthew, who wanted everyone to know the goodness and mercy of God for all people. 

Having personally experienced the heart-and-soul healing power of the Lord Jesus for himself, Matthew was eager to recount what he had personally seen of the results of a faith-response to Jesus.  This Gospel is full of his personal eye-witness accounts of the life and health restoring power of God in Christ for every kind of disease and sickness.


  1. What is it that you hope to gain in this study?
  2. What is the need I have for Jesus as the divine physician?
  3. What does the response of Jesus to the Pharisees tell me about who He has concern or care for?

Read Matthew 4: 1 – 11
Satan Tempts Jesus in the Desert

As you are on a healing journey, your soul and spiritual healing are just as fragile as your body.  Feeding your soul with God’s word is critical as you heal. Why? The enemy wants to discourage you during healing process. 

This passage about Jesus being tempted in the desert by the enemy is a great example of what to do when fiery darts are hurled your way.  The devil uses lies and half-truths, but notice how Jesus battled it out with the devil. He combatted Satan’s lies with God’s word. Jesus simply stated God’s word and told Satan to leave.  Immediately after the devil left, angels came and attended Jesus.  


  1. What thoughts are you constantly battling as you heal? 
  2. What does God’s word say concerning your situation?
  3. What can you learn from Jesus the next time you hear those bad thoughts?

Read Matthew 4: 23-25 
Jesus Heals Many People

What if you heard today that there was a man who healed every form of disease, illness and pain?  Wouldn’t you make a beeline to get to him? That’s what the people from Galilee did 2000 years ago.  They heard Jesus was the man who had healed people, so the word got out about him.  

Jesus healed every disease, not a few illnesses here or there.  He healed people with severe pain, those who were demon possessed, folks with seizures and Galileans who were paralyzed.  He healed every single disease of every suffering person seeking help, all while proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God.


  1. Is there any disease, pain or illness that Jesus can’t heal?
  2. Do you think he can still do that today?
  3. What did you learn about Jesus from this passage?

Read Matthew 5: 21 – 26 
Healing From Anger

Jesus teaches about the dangers of anger in this passage.  Anger has an actual physiological effect on people, triggering the body’s fight or flight response.  These physical manifestations caused by holding onto anger can hinder the healing process.  

Jesus said, “Anyone who is angry with his brother will be subject to judgment.” Why such a strong statement?  This is because there are spiritual implications to remaining angry or holding bitterness in your heart towards someone.  

Jesus wants us to live at peace and experience emotional well-being of our soul.  This is done through reconciliation. Not only should we quickly resolve any anger against someone else, He goes on to tell us that if we know someone has an issue with us, then quickly go and reconcile with them. This not only heals our hearts, but our bodies, too.  


  1. Do you have someone you are angry at or who is angry at you?
  2. Have you tried to settle the matter?
  3. What steps do you need to take to address unresolved conflict?

Read Matthew 6: 25 – 34 
Freedom From Worry

How many times have we worried about something to later find out it was nothing at all?  We spend a lot of mental energy and angst fretting over what we cannot control – but God has made us a big promise.  He will take care of us. 

In this passage, He tells us that when we seek first His kingdom and righteousness, all of our basic needs – food, clothing and housing will be taken care of.  There is no need to get bogged down with the what if’s of the future. God has that covered as well. All we have to do is put Him first. And how liberating is it to give all your worries and cares to God.  He can handle them. Let’s focus on our lives today. We are more valuable to God than all of creation.  


  1. What is worrying you right now?
  2. What does this passage say to you about your worries?
  3. What steps can you take to put God first in your life?

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  1. I’ve been looking forward to going on this “healing” journey with all of you! Thank you to those who have invested the time preparing it for us!

    1. Michelle, we are so glad you are joining us! This has personally been my most favorite project ever! So excited as we go treasure hunting in the scriptures together!

  2. Thank you for the Bible Study info. I am looking forward to joining this group for the call on Aug. 26. Thanks for letting us know when this will happen.

    Blessings as we study His word.

    1. Hey Julie! I’m not sure of the end date right now, but each week you’ll receive 5 days of reading readings from the Gospels. We are starting with Matthew right now. With Matthew alone, we have 6 weeks worth of passages. Once we’ve done Matthew, we’ll move on to Mark, then Luke and finally John. I hope that helps!

      Cheryl C

  3. So awesome Sarah! We’ve enjoyed digging into His Word and finding these awesome truths!!! So glad you are on the journey!

  4. I’ve been on vacation so just finished reading all five days. Thank you so much for this well thought through study. Im enjoying it! Look forward to the conference calls.

    1. Sonia thank you so much for sharing. Appreciate your feedback and comments! We look forward to having you on the calls. 🙂

    1. Hi Katie! That’s awesome news! Are you connected to our Melbourne group? We look forward to doing the study together!

  5. I am being so blessed by this study. Thank you so much for your love of Jesus, we’re getting so many benefits! Your prayers, thoughts, and time are very much appreciated. Once I got started I couldn’t stop! Looking so forward to our time together! Blessings!

    1. Julie, God bless you. Thank you for your encouragement. We are really excited to start this study together. It’s been a tremendous blessing for all of the team involved in it! So glad you have joined us!

  6. This is so perfect. I have been trying to study Matthew for the last few months and would start then stop. I have been looking on youtube to understand how to use Inductive bible method or anyone who is student this first book in the NT. God has provided. So excited.

    1. Dae, what a wonderful message to read and to see how God has provided. He is so good! Please keep us posted how your study is going. We look forward to growing with you.

  7. Enjoying the Bible study -was looking for something like this, and here you all are!! I sometimes have trouble finding the study page – my computer skills are NOT good – but have managed so far. Thanks so much for putting this all together!

    1. Karen, thank you for diving in! As we go along, I think that it will get easier to follow along if you can reference the email that gets sent weekly. You just need that and your Bible! There will be true blessings as you seek God in His word!

  8. Hi Karen! Ahh…we are with you on the computer skills. 🙂 We will post each week on Monday, right here on this page, AND we will send it to your email if you sign up on this page to receive the emails. (Note: We don’t send it out to everyone, just those sign up here.) What I’m doing is printing the readings off on Monday’s and putting them in a binder to keep and I do the readings and devotions each morning, answer the questions right on the printed pages. (Makes it easier for me. :)) thank you for joining us!

  9. I just finished the first week and am blessed. The scripture reading, commentary and questions are just right. Not too long. Thank you. It has helped me get back into daily devotions. Looking forward to going on the journey together.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. What a blessing that you are back into daily devotions. We look forward to having you with us!

  10. Dear Suzy and Team, I’m so sorry to only join now – my kids are on holiday and my house up side down. Just sat down tonight to look at all my emails and what I’ve missed. I will catch up with the first week and would love to take part for the following studies.

    Thanks and Warm Regards

    1. Ronel, thank you for joining us and it will be easy for you to get caught up. We’ve tried to write devotions that are short and to the point but really ask you questions that you can apply to your life. We’re excited for you being with us on this journey and can’t wait to hear what the Lord teaches you!

  11. Ronel, you are not alone. I just started yesterday after signing up a few weeks ago, but gurrrl 👩when I tell you once you start you won’t want quit, please believe me. I was on the train on way to work yesterday morning, it takes a
    little over an hour. I looked up and it was time to get off, on top of that I was able to star on day two. The excitement feels so good💆😁

    1. Dae, thank you so much for sharing your experience. That is exciting. Love that you looked up and it was time to get off the train. I hope you are able to join us for our discussion calls, too! First one is this Monday night. 🙂

  12. Dear Suzy and Team, thank you for putting this Bible Study together! I have been blessed by it. Just finished week 1.
    As someone mentioned, it’s short and to the point, great for me as I have been busy.
    I am visiting my family and healing in Colombia, South America. I do appreciate your efforts in making this happen and look forward to our first “get together” 🙂

    1. Hi Diana, we will be praying for you as you focus on your healing with family close by. So glad you are doing this study with us. Looking forward to our first get together this coming Monday night. 🙂

    2. Really looking forward to this study! Very thoughtful, well written & inspired devotionals. I’m so glad that you are starting the study over again & I’m excited to participate & gleam more understanding of God’s Word & His promises. I’m expecting great things to come from this experience—for myself & others. A dose of Truth is just what the Great Physician has ordered! Let’s walk together & H.E.A.L. Strong!

  13. Really looking forward to this study! Very thoughtful, well written & inspired devotionals. I’m so glad that you are starting the study over again & I’m excited to participate & gleam more understanding of God’s Word & His promises. I’m expecting great things to come from this experience—for myself & others. A dose of Truth is just what the Great Physician has ordered! Let’s walk together & H.E.A.L. Strong!

    1. Lisa we are all so thankful you are joining us for H.E.A.L. Yes, let’s walk and H.E.A.L. Strong Together! Hope to hear your voice on the call tomorrow (Monday night). 🙂

  14. I have just joined the team today the 02/02/2020 and am looking forward to going on this healing strong journey with you all beloved in christ.

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