Aha Moments


Aha Moments:  5 Aha Moments that Changed My Mind and Ultimately How I Would Treat My Cancer

Do you have a loved one or friend who is a skeptic about holistic therapies? This guide and resource book is a must have for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis.  It is written to help people bridge the gap in their knowledge of alternative or holistic therapies, with little to no vantage point to start with. It is a quick read, beautifully designed and examines 5 critical areas to help lead the reader to ask more questions before reacting out of fear.  No one wants to walk away from what the doctor is recommending, but when it comes to treating cancer, this is one decision that we all need to ask questions and seek wisdom with understanding before jumping into a paradigm of treatment that can be life-threatening and ineffective.

Hear from patients with stage 3 and 4 pancreatic and colon cancers, including Chris Wark and many others with breast cancer, lymphomas, leukemia who share their stories of hope and healing.  Some of these patients lead HealingStrong groups today.

This is a one-of-a-kind downloadable book that helps anyone with family or friends who are skeptics to open their minds and hearts to the idea of holistic therapies.

Contributions to the book include Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, BreastCancerConqueror.com, Chris Wark, Chrisbeatcancer.com, Ivelisse Page (Believebig.org), Jared Bucey (Kid Against Chemo), Tiah Tomlin (My Breast Years Ahead), and many HealingStrong Group Leaders.  It includes a testimonial from a medical practitioner, Ivette Valenzuela, who holds a Doctor of Medicine, a PhD in biomedical and veterinary sciences, an MPH in health education, BSN in nursing.  She was forced to examine alternative therapies when she was given no hope with conventional treatments. It changed her life and how she educates others. It is a must have book, full of hope, and HOPE HEALS!


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