These are educational products that we believe will help anyone on a healing journey. They are our favorites and include evidence-based information and encouraging testimonials to help navigate holistic therapies.

From Rubble to Restoration Ebook

Imagine a hope-filled tour of the book of Nehemiah in the Bible. From Rubble to Restoration brings together words of encouragement and wisdom from the timeless Word of God.

Have you had something in your life that left you picking up the pieces?  Is there a pile of rubble that surrounds your life or a loved one’s life that leaves you wondering how God could ever redeem it?  HealingStrong™ provides this interactive e-book to encourage you through a 13 day study.  Each reading includes a passage of scripture from Nehemiah, followed by a short devotion or meditation, questions to consider and a short prayer.  Each lesson is recorded for you in an audio file included in the ebook.  Subscribe to our mailing list and download for free.

HealingStrong™ Participant and Lesson Guide 

An essential guide for all HealingStrong participants!


A Holistic Resource with over 150+ pages of lessons on diet, supplementation, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, recipe and affirmation cards, and important links to helpful resources.

Whether you attend our group meetings, or you are wanting a self-study support tool, this is an excellent resource. Download it today!

HealingStrong™ Participant and Lesson Guide Review

Aha Moments:  5 Aha Moments that Changed My Mind and Ultimately How I Would Treat My Cancer

Our new book Aha Moments is now available!

The story of our founder’s journey to discover 5 important lessons that created an Aha Moment and led to a holistic approach to healing her cancer.  This book offers case studies of 14 additional cancer patients who fought and won the battle against stage 3 and 4 cancers: pancreatic, colon, breast, lymphoma, and leukemia. Many of these patients lead HealingStrong groups around the United States today.

This 100 page, easy to read book is written to help people bridge the gap in their knowledge of holistic therapies, with little to no vantage point to start with.  Noone wants to walk away from what the doctor is recommending, but when it comes to treating cancer, this is one decision that we all need to ask questions and seek wisdom with understanding before jumping into a paradigm of treatment that can be life-threatening and ineffective.

This is a one-of-a-kind book that helps anyone with family or friends who are skeptics to open their minds and hearts to the idea of holistic therapies.

Contributions to the book include Dr. Veronique Desaulniers,, Chris Wark,, Ivelisse Page (, Jared Bucey (Kid Against Chemo), Tiah Tomlin (My Breast Years Ahead), and many HealingStrong Group Leaders.  It includes a testimonial from a medical practitioner, Ivette Valenzuela, who holds a Doctor of Medicine, a PhD in biomedical and veterinary sciences, an MPH in health education, BSN in nursing.  She was forced to examine holistic therapies when she was given no hope with conventional treatments. It changed her life and how she educates others. It is a must have book, full of hope, and HOPE HEALS!

The Square One Healing Cancer Coaching Program
from Holistic Cancer Survivor Chris Wark


The Square One program is for ALL cancer patients, whether you are doing conventional, or alternative therapies, or both. If you’re a patient, a caregiver, or if you’re just serious about prevention, this course is for you. Square One is a good place to start.

The Truth About Cancer A Global Quest
The Most Complete Guide to Holistic Cancer Ever Produced


A compelling series that ventures across the globe in search of the latest research, testimony, and information from dozens of the world’s top scientists, authors, researchers, and cancer survivors.  There is no other resource like it to date.  Whether you have cancer or know someone who is currently facing it, this is a tremendous resource to educate and empower them to heal strong and stay strong.

7 Essentials System


7 Essentials System is a complete and step-by-step educational program that shows you how to prevent “dis-ease” and create vibrant health naturally. By transforming your lifestyle over a relatively short period of time, you start seeing results in your health and in your life. When you shift the way you have been doing things most of your life, everything changes and you start living a healthier, happier more fulfilling life.

20 Questions for your Oncologist


This series of questions will solidify in your mind if you’re working with the right oncologist. These 20 questions will help you feel comfortable with the best course of action to take by guiding you through not only what questions to ask, but how to respond to the answers you may receive.

The Truth About Vaccines

It is so important to understand the safety of vaccines, especially when on a healing journey.  More than 60 of the world’s foremost health experts were brought together to investigate both sides of the vaccine debate to give you the science and the history of vaccines to help you make an informed decision on how to best to proceed.