Created to Heal Strong

Have you or someone you love recently been diagnosed with cancer? Are you considering conventional treatment? Are fear and uncertainty consuming you? This book will take you on a journey with Suzy Griswold and other Cancer Conquerors as they seek answers for alternative methods to heal cancer. Created to Heal Strong is a quick read that examines 5 critical areas to help you ask more questions to make an informed decision on treatment.

Hear from patients with Stage 3 and 4 pancreatic and colon cancers like Chris Wark, and others with lymphoma, breast cancer, and leukemia who share their stories of hope and healing. If you are unfamiliar with holistic and alternative therapies, this book is a great starting point to learn the basics. This book is filled with hope and encouragement, and makes a great gift! It will help you or loved ones who are skeptics, open their minds and hearts to holistic strategies.

Ebook Version also available: Created to Heal Strong eBook